The age of digitization paved the way for the rise of remote data entry jobs. Indeed, we have said goodbye to the days when records were hand-written as we welcomed the digital age. Today, all information is now inside a computer. Data are accessible with one click. Yet, one thing remains unchanged- promotion. Then and now, you have to work your way through the ladder. This means that if you are a data entry clerk at the moment, you have to work your way to reach the top. So, what does it take to be a Data Entry Manager? How do you earn that title? Let’s find out.

A Data Entry Manager VS A Data Entry Operator

Data entry operators do the menial tasks of encoding written documents to word processing tools. These documents include accomplished forms and other company files. Data operators are the ones involve in handling letters, documents, and mailing lists. Likewise, they can also handle numerical data entry like banking and accounting. These being said, one can say that their tasks involve encoding and typing documents.

Then, data managers use these pieces of information to create database systems. They create these systems based on the company’s organizational needs. Likewise, a manager’s tasks revolve on identifying the user’s needs. Data Entry management is also part of his long list of tasks.  He takes the responsibility of merging old and new databases. He backs up information and modifies databases’ structure to meet the needs of the company.

What Does a Data Manager Do?

“With great power comes great responsibility.” This quote is not just true for Spiderman, but true to all aspects of life, most especially in the business sector.

As you go up into the ladder of success, more and more tasks are given to you, which requires more skills in the process. As for managers, you have now gone past the menial task of typing and encoding. This is because you are now into the management sector of things. Your new duties include:

How Do You Become a Data Entry Manager?

Data managers handle sensitive information about the company. They create databases and system based on what the organization and the research team need. Thus, the manager that you should hire should not be anybody. He must own certain skills and qualifications to be able to deliver the best results.

So, how do you become a data entry manager today? Below are the qualifications on how to meet the “managerial” position.

Qualification 1: Education

The job of a data manager requires you to have a certain set of skills that will help you do your job efficiently. This being said, the first step to embody a data manager is to earn your bachelor’s degree of either of the following:

These 4-year courses allow you to concentrate on studies related to database management such as:

Qualification 2: Experience

“No one goes on top of the ladder without paying their dues”

The second step to being a data entry manager is to start working as a data analyst or a database developer and gain experience.

Most job postings require an experience 2-5 years before they become a manager. This experience will help them gain the skill needed for data management.  Within these years of working, you will experience analyzing gathered data already. Likewise, you will be exposed to building data structure and maintaining databases.

Qualification 3:  Earn a Master of Business Administration

Most job postings about Data entry Specialists prefer candidates with an MBA.

This leads you to the third step of becoming a data entry manager. Get a Masters in Business Administration. Most especially MBA programs with concentrations in information technology or information systems. This is because these programs include database management-related classes such as the following:

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