If you are an entrepreneur who is building your building all by yourself, with not even a skeleton crew to support you, then you are what is now commonly known as a solopreneur. You are the first to open the office door and the last to close it. You take on more than a dozen tasks each day, and chances are you do not have any staff to delegate it to. You are good in your job, and that’s the good news. The bad news is, you are exposing yourself to cardiovascular illnesses. And here’s where you forget the part about not delegating anything to anybody. Because it’s about time you learn how a remote administrative assistant can save a solopreneur like you from a heart attack.

That is not an exaggeration. Solopreneurs are already prone to burnout, but that’s not the worst of it. Heart illnesses like heart attacks come from the body’s inability to handle a lot of stress. You as a solopreneur are practically carrying the load of your entire office on your back. You have no one to bounce it on to. You know that the company can live or die based on your actions. And all that pressure can lead to stress. If not addressed, stress can increase your blood pressure. And if you still don’t go to a doctor at this point, you are courting a heart attack or a stroke. That’s why you need a remote administrative assistant ASAP.

Why you need a remote administrative assistant NOW?

A remote administrative assistant, also known as a virtual assistant, can take the load off your back. He or she can mitigate the stress that comes into your life. They are not physicians but they can safeguard your medical welfare indirectly. This type of assistant is like an executive assistant, secretary, booking agent, writer, and organizer all rolled into one. He manages your calendar and schedules your meetings, prioritizing the most important to the least important. He can take the heat off you by dealing with the people who cause you a lot of stress, like collection agents or angry clients. He can type in the minutes of your many meetings, create powerpoint presentations for your meetings, and organize your files, print or online. He can also reply to the hundreds of emails that fill your inbox every single day.

They can make your workload more efficient while allowing you to enjoy work-life integration. In a sense, he or she will help you manage not just your business but also your personal life. 

How hiring a remote personal assistant can alleviate business challenges

  • Managing deadlines — with your remote personal assistant always on point in updating your calendar, you always know what’s on your plate, the resources that will help you accomplish your tasks, the people you will meet, and how much time you have to fulfill all of them.
  • Keep up with social media momentum — posting on your social media channel and responding to all your followers can eat up your time. They should be able to navigate the currents of conversation, update you of the more relevant discussions, handle a complaint or two, and keep your audience engaged by constant targeted social media posts.
  • Keeping focus — Being a solopreneur, you are constantly bombarded with meetings, presentations, events, and seminars while you are on your toe to make that business up and running. They will help you look for relevant data you need for your next business meeting,  whip up an attractive powerpoint presentation, or organize those travel arrangements for your next business travel can help you focus on what really matters. 
  • Two heads are better than one — In making key business decisions, updating your company’s website, deciding on a color palette for your new branding initiative – all these big and minute decisions are essential to every business’ success and having that extra pair of eyes always comes in handy.

And help you have work-life integration

When it comes to making your personal life a happier and stress-free one, here’s how a remote administrative assistant can help:

  • Restful sleep. While your they will not sing you a lullaby, the knowledge that he is managing your many tasks and handling customer concerns should help you relax and get quality sleep.
  • Time for fun activities. Again, because you have more time on your hands because you have been freed from doing the more tedious but time-consuming chores, you can squeeze in an hour or two to do the things you love, but didn’t have time for. Playing your favorite sport, watching theatre, heading to the beach, museum trips — all these can recharge your spirit and liberate your creativity.
  • Quality time with loved ones. One concern for solopreneurs is that they no longer have time for their spouses, significant others, and kids. But with them lessening their workload, they can actually spend quality time with their family or partners during the weekends (or even weeknights).

Cost savings

By doing all these numerous, stressful chores for you, they can lessen the pressure and the stress that you deal with every day.

What’s also wonderful about having a remote administrative assistant is that you do not have to see him or her every day. Everything is done virtually. That may be important to you, as your privacy might be the one major reason why you chose to become a solopreneur (as opposed to an entrepreneur with staff). They are expected to communicate with you online and can do live conferences via social media and chat groups. No need for a Facetime meeting unless you feel the need. All those virtual encounters will also save you time and money.

That’s another aspect about having a remote staff that can make you relax a little. Because he or she is not a full-time employee, you do not have to spend excessively on overhead or manpower costs. They have their own private office at home, supported by a solid infrastructure that makes the work reliable like high-speed internet and computers with upgraded software. You can reduce or expand the number of hours he works for you, which makes it more flexible and easier for your budget.

If you would like to know more how solopreneurs can build your business while creating a working environment that is safe for your health, call us at HOPLA now. We have a network of reliable, experienced remote administrative assistants who can save you from a heart attack, and the other illnesses that come with increasing levels of stress.

Perhaps most important of all, a remote administrative assistant will not just lessen your risk of incurring illness — but they will boost your chances of professional success while helping you enhance the activities that give you personal happiness.