In a world where everything is done and shared online, businesses should take advantage of the convenience brought by social media applications. Apart from the apparent reason that these apps open you up to billions of users, the social connectedness also brings brands closer to their audience. Most successful brands of today create viral content and choose to stay active 24 hours a day to accommodate their audience from different parts of the world. This, of course, would not be possible without the help of social media content moderators.

3 Types of Content Moderation


The post is pre-moderated when a user posts content that is subjected for review. This type gives the brand a high level of control on the posts created for their brand. However, this type of moderation has downsides when it comes to spontaneity. In the absence of a social moderator, the birth of an active community will not be possible due to delays in posting.


In contrast with pre-moderation, post-moderation is the process of reviewing user-generated content after it has been posted for the public to see. The assigned online content moderator will then assess if the content is aligned with the branding or not. He/she has the right to remove the posts if necessary.

Automated Moderation

With the advancement in technology, automation in filtering content is now made possible. It uses tools and software that applying a set of rules to determine which content gets accepted or rejected. The tools use word filtering and speech analysis. Some may have a more advanced system but tend to be more expensive.

Importance of Content Moderation

Protect your audience

When you have an active community, you are putting your brand at risk because of the uncontrolled user-generated content. Whether the user posts videos, pictures, or comments, an online moderator can help monitor posts from your social media pages. Hiring content moderators can help you filter posts that other users may find offensive or upsetting.

Listen to what your audience has to say

Another advantage of having an online content moderator is that you get to understand your audience more. You can hire someone to perform a method called ‘social listening’. This process helps you understand what the online community is saying about your brand.

A good example is Listerine’s report back in 2010. Although the said brand is known for its oral cleansing factor, the company found out interesting trivia from its users. According to the report, some of the top reasons why users like the mouthwash are (1) it treats toenail fungus, (2) treats acne, and (3) it is a good mosquito repellent.

Adjust your sales campaign

In order for a campaign to stay effective, you should know what kind of content your audience truly enjoys. Hiring a social media moderator can do just the trick for you. Content moderators stay active on these platforms to keep your online presence active and your community engaged.

This helps whether you are planning on hosting a crowdsourcing post, asking your users to post picture relevant to your brand, get more reviews about your product, or any user-generated content. Moderators are in charge of handling the submitted content and helping you understand your readers better.

Outsource Social Media Content Moderator Jobs

If you are a brand which produces user-generated content, it is vital that you have a dedicated person to act as a social media manager for online pages. Most importantly, if you are a brand desiring to venture out and market your brand from around the world, you would need more helping hands to assist you with accommodating your audience. Having your audience aligned with your business goals is important and should not be taken for granted. Here at HOPLA, we assign skilled online content moderators who fit to work with your business. Contact us today and let’s talk about your business.