The days of a customer or client looking at just one platform or device to solve his needs are over. The smartphone has replaced the talk-and-text model, and YouTube and Netflix have loomed as huge threats to traditional and cable TV. In the same way, a company that caters only to clients who have desktops, or to those who only do Facebook will be outrun and outgunned by the competition. The average consumer or internet user these days switch seamlessly from their smartphones to their iPads to their office laptops throughout their working hours. They post their activities on Facebook, their photos on Instagram, and chat with their friends on Viber in one afternoon. If you as a company need to reach them, you need to be where they are all the time. Customers are in a lot of channels and they need to be communicated with. That’s why you need a social media manager or social media moderator for your omnichannel social media account.

An omnichannel social media account is like a network that covers all the social media marketing that you do in order to impact your various customers in all their platforms. At the most basic level, social media for business needs a Facebook Page, an Instagram account, an ongoing Twitter conversation, a YouTube channel, and possibly a LinkedIn membership. If the company has an active e-commerce account, it also has to be a member of the most powerful and popular platforms like Amazon. All these accounts need to be linked to the corporate home page. To understand why you need to employ all these accounts for your social media marketing, you need to understand what your customer likes as well as his internet habits.

A typical internet user likes posting his opinion, hobbies, activities and travels on Facebook. Sometimes, his personal and professional lines do get blurred. LinkedIn is where he talks shop, looks for suppliers and listens to his influencers. If he wants to be more conversational and talk about a trending topic about his favorite brand, then he joins in the Twitter threads. However, if he just wants to be dazzled by photos or illustrates his shopping or restaurant choices, then he runs several albums on Instagram. Effective social media advertising must ensure that the client brand must at least be on these social media platforms at all times, and not just one. Lose one account, and you might lose the customer or at the very least a hefty part of his screen time. A smart social media moderator will always keep you connected to your customer.

Having all these social media accounts is just the first step. You need a diligent, smart, and communicative social media moderator to manage them and touch base with the customer throughout the day. This social media manager cannot just specialize in one account, but he must be able to integrate all the messages, photos, and other tidbits he wants to share in one omnichannel strategy. For example, the message he puts in Facebook must also be put into all the other social media. However, it’s not just a simple matter of copying and pasting. Each social media has its own rules, formats, structures, and language. A newsfeed article that works on Facebook might not get the same amount of hits on Twitter. A Facebook story that talks about your brand’s latest campaign might need more videos if it is to be run on YouTube, and might have a friendlier tone if it is to be launched on Instagram.

They handle omnichannel social media account for your company or brand acts as an orchestra conductor. They make sure that the messages, videos, infographics, images, and posts in all these channels combine to complement each other, leading to a greater engagement of the customer. They have to know the different strategic time slots when all these posts will have to be deployed, in order to get the customer interested, without overwhelming him with all the information.

A social media moderator for your Omni-social media account will make sure that your brand and its messages will be visible to your target market. They will also keep them in constant conversation, communicating your thoughts while addressing their concerns on your behalf. At the same time, they will always be studying your market, providing you with insights on how to make your campaign more effective and impactful.

HOPLA has a team of dedicated remote professionals including social media moderators who are expert in crafting an omnichannel social media strategy and deploying it to further strengthen your brand. If this interests you, call us now, and we will also show you the advantages we offer you.