Working with web content writers can speed up your hard day’s work and increase your website traffic. That can do you a lot of favor especially when you’re starting out and already have a lot on your plate. But, working with other writers also means having a different perspective on how you want your content to be expressed to the public. Sometimes, you end up wasting time and just revising and redoing their work altogether! Here are some of the things you can do to avoid the back and forth revisions and really maximize your budget for outsourcing professional writers.

Brief them on who you are

The advantage when hiring an SEO writer is that you get access to a talent who has experience in ranking blog entries. However, this does not exclude you from the fact that you have to orient them about the ins and outs of your company.

Just like when hiring a bunch of website content writers, you need to be able to tell them the branding you’re going for to have a uniform voice and tone on your content.

What are your vision, mission, and goals?

Every business has a purpose. Cascading your company objectives to your writers will help them play with their creativity but still embody your company’s character. This would also help them gain ideas on what kind of content to write and how they would write it.

Creating a persona of your readers

This method does not just help your content writers but it also helps you in conceptualizing your marketing strategies in the long run. Who do you want to sell to? What are their interests and hobbies? Are they stay-at-home moms who are looking for part-time jobs? Do they spend their time reading blogs or do they prefer watching videos while on the bus ride home?

Once you have a profile, you can easily send a copy to your website content writer so he or she can get a full grasp of how the article should look and feel. Your writer should be able to visualize what type of person they are talking to in order to make the content more personal. This would help them with the tone, references, humor, and other content writing techniques.

Explain the purpose of each article

When something catches your attention online, you sometimes get an idea for content for your website. But since you do not have the time to actually write it, you delegate it to one of your copywriting experts. Your writers need to be able to see the idea the way you see it, to execute the thought flawlessly.

Work up an outline

Isn’t it annoying to have this super great idea but not know how to execute them word by word? Thank goodness you hired a copywriter, right? Now that you have a great idea on your head, you can provide them with a clear outline on what you want your article to say.

Few things to put on your outline:

  • List your key points
  • Include a few reminders
  • What’s the story you want your readers to get from your article
  • How do you want to start/end the article

If all else fails, provide some examples

If providing the idea or the outline is still too vague, you can source some examples online where they can actually see the idea come to life. You could provide them a video, a sample article, and then combine it with the outline you want.

Collaborating with your web content writers

Seamless collaboration is the key to success when it comes to content marketing. Hiring multiple web content writers should not hinder you from executing the ideas you want and keeping a consistent branding. Use your brilliant content writers as a tool to make your website SEO friendly and not confuse your readers even more.