Remote project management has helped me become a better content writer in several ways. The first is the constant collaboration with equally creative and hardworking colleagues who want everyone, including me, to constantly turn in good work. The second is a support system and infrastructure that points me in the right direction while giving me pointers for improvement. Finally, there is the culture of accountability that helps motivate you into meeting deadlines while maintaining the elevated standards of quality.  

This kind of support system with a remote project management setup cannot be underestimated, especially if you are a remote content writer like myself. In that kind of flexible work arrangement, you are almost always working at home or in a remote working space, finishing your tasks independently, and enjoying a certain level of autonomy. The sense of freedom that you enjoy can be creatively liberating, which is important for a writer who is mandated to turn out creative work almost every day. The challenge is in putting order and structure while experiencing strong support — and this is where project management comes in.

Content writers do (or should) exercise a high degree of accountability. Our work which runs on deadline and punctuality is regarded as a premium. That is why your capability to think, write, and submit the work independently, with very little supervision, is equally valued. A content writer who ‘gets’ what the client wants and can write the related article or blog in a short period of time with very minimal editing or corrections is sought after. On the other hand, to get the job done, the content writer must be able to liaise or interact with the client regularly to see that they are flowing on the same creative wavelength. Online project management or remote project management makes that alignment happen.

Advantages of remote project management to a content writer:

More efficient workflow

As a content writer in HOPLA who reports to a project manager, I do find that the work becomes clearer, the direction more concrete, and the method of submitting the deliverables more efficient. Because the project management is done online, I remain a remote content writer who is given enough space and time to flex my creative juices. At the same time, because I do regularly communicate with a project manager, there is very little room for ambiguity and confusion. Feedback is fast, dialogue is almost always present, and you and the project manager are always on the same page. You know when you are doing things right. And when you are not, you are given enough direction to correct the work. In both cases, you always learn something new.

Constant support

If you do need assistance or support in some fashion or method, the project manager is there to address your concerns. It can be an adjustment in deadline (should time allow), more research or background material should the initial briefing be too technical, or guidelines on how the client’s write-up is to be treated.

Collaboration with kindred spirits

Sometimes, working in your own home or space can make you feel disconnected from the other members of your team. You only contact each other when a certain email has to be replied to, or when there’s a need for a conference call. While that kind of structure does move the work forward, it does not exactly encourage creative synergy — which a content writer needs to be always at the top of his or her game. The project manager creates a system of regular remote collaboration with a bunch of other creative team members who can pitch ideas and offer as well as receive suggestions. Examples would be the web designer or developer who is in charge of the website, or the marketing specialist who provides insights about the client. The project manager who handles the operations of the project has a more holistic, comprehensive view of the project status and can help the team members align with their individual goals.

Having creative inspiration among team members

One of the more fulfilling aspects of my job as a content writer is to bounce off creative ideas with the other members of the team. It also helps to communicate constantly with the one in charge of the remote project management — at any given point, I know the level of my performance, and what I still need to do to achieve my goals.

Working with HOPLA and its remote project management system is like having a state-of-the-art navigation system on my boat while I navigate the seven seas. It keeps me connected to the organization, steered into the right direction, while I continue to probe the boundaries of content writing and creativity.