Brand storytelling is in. The usual web corporate writing is out. Your consumers do not only want to read and download information from your website, but they want to be engaged and feel like they are part of a community that you are building. Unlike the so-called traditional advertising, they don’t want their attention hogged by products you are promoting. Instead, they want to feel that they are the most important part of your campaign. In fact, they should be cast in that role. That’s why you need a top-notch storyteller who can create a compelling narrative that will keep them in your radar forever. It’s time you leverage your brand storytelling with the help of a web content writer.

Bridging Company and Consumer

Brand storytelling has elevated content writing services into a whole new level. Venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, who invested in the tech blockbusters of today like Facebook and Airbnb, explains why business owners like yourself should adopt it as a marketing strategy.

“You can have a great product, but a compelling story puts the company into motion. If you don’t have a great story, it’s hard to get people motivated to join you, to work on the product, and to get people to invest in the product.” – Ben Horowitz

Marketing game-changers like these have also prompted web content writers to dig deeper into your product and service and understand more thoroughly those unique offerings that only you can give your target market. And that is a win-win situation for both of you.

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What makes a web content writer who has a solid marketing background is that he and his creation can function as the bridge between you and your client. This web content writer will present your product as an integral and important part of the client’s lifestyle, without going into full sales-pitch mode. He will show why your brand is something that should be part of a customer’s shopping experience. He will spin a message that will illustrate how your brand makes them smarter, stronger, more stylish — in short, a winner in all their social circles. Because the brand always turns them into the hero that everyone envies, your customer will always keep buying it. He will never leave your community

The Customer Journey

A web content writer has a great command of the language. His job is to persuade your customers to join your brand in your journeys. He will know how to appeal to their logic and convince them why it is in their best interests to patronize your brand. At the same time, he will have the necessary empathy to make the customer feel that you and your brand are concerned about him and his well-being. He can create the right story that will make your customer want to belong to your organization and align with its vision, mission, and goals. The more skilled he is, the more he evolves from being a content writer to becoming a storyteller who creates moving, powerful tales that are fueled by a solid marketing strategy.

Create Powerful Campaigns with a Kick-ass Web Content Writer

Brand storytelling is the new arena which will distinguish effective campaigns from ordinary ones. It will place certain brands, higher than others, at the top of the mind of the consumer. The key to making you stand out in this emerging creative, competitive space is not just any other freelance writer — but a web content writer who has marketing know-how, a sensitivity to the needs of your target public, a strategic mind, and the consistency to deliver work on time.

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