Looking around the world wide web, there’s no denying that life coaching industry is in it’s most massive form today. This means it will be harder to acquire clients because of the amount of content you have to compete with. As a beginner in the industry, you would need compelling web content writer services that would resonate with your audience. Here are some content ideas you can delegate to web content writers.

Ghostwriter for your personal stories

Clients want a life coach they can relate to. Just like in any form of commitment, your audience would want someone they can trust. Before they let you take the wheel of their fate and believe what you say, they have this need of wanting to get to know you first.

Having a good content writing strategy gives you the edge of making your clients feel that they are not alone in whatever they re going through. This is where a meaty personal story comes in. This builds a rapport between you and your clients which demonstrates authenticity.

The simplest example is writing about what inspired you to become a life coach in the first place. Aurora Suarez, a career life coach, shared on her website about how she took a courageous leap from quitting her day job.

Reading the blog really touches the concerns of her target clients who are struggling to find themselves in their occupation. With a content writer, you can do a sit-in interview or provide them with points you want to emphasize on a write-up. Outsourcing content creation will save you from hours of writer’s block on your desk, thinking of how you can tell your story in the best way possible.

Client Case Studies

With so much bogus on the Internet, people would want someone who has already a track record as a life coach. Just like how you would apply for a job, you need to show your target audience a portfolio of your success as a life coach. In this area, you can start documenting stories of your clients and how they reached their goal with your help. It may seem a little arrogant to tell stories about your good will but getting the perfect content writing services will help you narrate these stories.

Even a prestigious life coach like Tony Robbins still benefit from this type of content. On his website, he featured a young couple who are about to separate before attending his ‘Date with Destiny’ seminar. The blog showcased a real story which involved how Tony Robbins helped the couple overcome their obstacle.

A short video on his blog post is also a good touch for a group of audience who simply want to get the gist of the story. Still, under 3 minutes, they were able to show the effectiveness of his service by having a face-to-face interview with two of his clients.

How-to Blog Posts

This is probably one of the easiest and most basic content to get more traffic to your website. During the first stages of your life coaching business, you have to show people what you’ve got. One of the ways to do this is helping them overcome their day-to-day dilemmas. This requires catchy headlines, digestible blog entries, and creative writing to keep your audience wanting more from you. Having a skilled copywriter can save you time and help you focus on accommodating your clients.

Some of the best how-to examples the simple ones. Take a few notes from A Daring Adventure on fantastic copywriting.

The website has a good amount of how-to blogs, too. Browsing at their archive of how-tos makes you want to click every single because the titles just pinpoint exactly what people ask themselves on a daily basis.

Getting the best web content writer services for your website

Whoever you hire to write content for your website, this person or team will represent your personality online. With that in mind, you need to pick carefully as they will be your front man to your audience. You would need someone who knows your tone well and speaks to your audience. Here are a few tips on choosing a content writer for your website.

  1. Consider the writing quality
  2. Knowledge about the field
  3. Seek for dedication in providing a regular output
  4. Look for someone who advocates self-improvement

You may be good at what you do but creating content for your website is an entirely different thing. Here at HOPLA, we understand that your business needs your undivided attention which is why we provide you talents that complement your brand. Talk to us today so we can help you find the content writer fit for your niche.