Brand loyalty and customer retention. These are the realities that keep a company productive, sustainable, and profitable, especially in today’s digital world. What made the market more competitive is that customers have a lot of choices today. If they don’t like one product or service, they can easily browse on the net or on the online marketplace for another. If they are curious as to which brands fit their needs, they once again take to social media and ask their friends’ advice. Business owners and solopreneurs recognize that they have to be on their toes, digitally speaking, if they are to keep their customers loyal to them. That’s why they need the support of efficient and market-savvy chat support process outsourcing.

Live chat agents as brand ambassadors

For a start, let’s take a look at what chat support process outsourcing can do for you for solopreneurs, online entrepreneurs, or a startup who is beginning to feel the heat of competition from the so-called big players. You need to be able to keep up with your customers’ demands and deliver to what they look for in the market. You also need to know if they are happy with your products, services, and the overall performance of your brand. You need to be aware which of your current customers are staying with you, and which of them are clicking away to other sites. Let’s face it:  there is no way that, given your busy schedule and lean and mean team, that you can keep up with that. This where you start engaging through live chat agents.

What makes chat support process outsourcing even more helpful for solopreneurs and small business owners is that they can attract even more loyal clients. That means they can grow your market in all strategic possible ways. Remember that customers decide to stay with your brand and keep visiting your site based on how they interact with you. First impressions still count today — it doesn’t matter if you’re a salesperson doing retail for a brick-and-mortar store or a human agent fielding questions from behind a live chat website. Customers will either be won over or turned off from their very first conversation with these agents. If they like the experience, they will voluntarily spread the word about it. They will post about it on social media and do reviews of your site on your website.

Magnet customers thru chat support process outsourcing

The reverse is also true. If they don’t like the way that the customer agent answered their questions, they will still post about you on social media but in a whole lot different way–mostly negative sentiments. This is where you need chat support process outsourcing — they are trained to spot what the customer needs to know and respond to it thoroughly in the fastest possible time. They are warm conversationalists who can make the customer at the other end of the line feel genuinely cared for. They can make a smart case on why the customer should try your brand (and not the competitors’).  The satisfied customer will not just buy from your site — but they will spread the word about its fantastic user experience. This can lead to more customers visiting your website and the chances of elevating your market growth.

Chat support that’s awesomely good

HOPLA has always been at the forefront of chat support process outsourcing, and have seen first hand how our live chat outsourcing turned things around. Our remote staff of trained, efficient, and dedicated agents who do live chat support are your brand ambassadors who represent you to the online marketplace. They are your customer service representatives who show them the best side of your brand, even during the toughest moments when the customer himself is not happy. They are your top-of-the-line resource experts who answer the most difficult questions from the most difficult inquiries. They are your all-too-human connection to your customer who use digital tools at their disposal to keep them engaged and loyal.

Market research shows that 80 percent of customers are willing to spend more for a brand that gives them a rewarding customer experience. An effective chat support process outsourcing is the key to getting this favorable outcome. Contact us today, we’d love to show you how.