Now that the holidays are here, we as business owners and employers will find ourselves asking about the kind of holiday gifts every data entry assistant would appreciate. We employ our outsource tons of documentary and tasks to these often overlooked, and unappreciated, but hardworking men and women. Now is the season of good cheer, it is time for us to pay back in a more positive way and help to let them feel that Christmas spirit seeps into their cubicle or working area. This is true especially if they work as remote staff who perform their jobs right at home. Working at home, without the daily facetime interaction with colleagues, can get them isolated and feeling a little lonely. Reaching out to them by giving them holiday gifts can encourage them and boost their spirits.

Send your Data Entry Assistant some love through goodies and drinks

So, what holiday gifts do we give the assistant who does a lot of tasks from home? A box of goodies would be nice, warm, and very personal which every remote worker would especially appreciate. Find out what their favorite comfort foods are, and give them a box of it. It can be a box of cookies, chocolate, candy, or even one big cake. Sweets add to the fun during the long hours when they work, and digging into a favorite dessert or good that they like can add a bit more fun to what they do. Make sure that when you do deliver that box, it’s gift-wrapped with something to evoke the holidays or a Christmas fun-fact to enjoy and share with the family.

What would be dessert without the drink? Again, having that previous relationship/personal engagement would definitely help but if it’s too late for that then spying on their social media page might be a good trick. What does your data entry assistant like drinking during her break? Is it a cup of warm chocolate? Or is she a coffee lover who tries out all the different varieties in Starbucks? Or if she is a coffee lover, does she like her coffee the classic way: black, hot, and steamy? This remote worker, on the other hand, might be more into sodas or Scotch. The thing is, ask around discreetly. It might help to consult with her project manager who does deal with her on a daily basis. What’s important is that gift of drink lands on her desk (or house) just before she celebrates the holidays.

One good thing about giving a drink as a gift is that your team member can share it with her friends after she has punched in the last data.

Devices are Data Entry Assistant ‘s sidekicks

Now if your data entry assistant is more the practical kind than the food lover, then you can’t go wrong with devices or the accessories that power them. It would be far too expensive to give a smartphone, but what about a power bank or an extra charger? That way, she never runs out of juice and can still work even though she leaves home with her work and her laptop or tablet in tow. Related to this, you can also give her really attractive laptop or tablet covers that would not only make her device look smart and savvy, but they can also protect it from rust, insects, dirt, and the occasional fall to the floor.

Above all this, give your gift with a personalized greeting card attached. Let go of the e-card for once. As stated, your virtual team member, who stays glued to the screen almost 24/7, would feel more touched if you connect with them in a more personal way, like a printed greeting card with your own words and greetings written out on it. It is also one way to connect with this one remote worker who usually keeps a low profile. We at HOPLA understand the importance of a personal connection with our clients, partners, and remote workers. We always make sure to strengthen it during the holidays. Not only is it the right thing to do in the season of good cheer — but it can also start off the new year on a high note.