Good news for the small-to-medium-sized business enterprises: there is a smart strategic way to scale your company grow your market and retain your customers without breaking your budget. It’s called online customer service outsourcing for the little guys. This service demystifies one common perception: namely, that it is just suited for the multinational companies that employ hundreds of people. On the contrary, having online customer service representatives that are managed by a third party can become the small but growing firm’s secret weapon to become more agile and even compete with the so-called big guns.

This can happen because having an online outsourced technical support is itself more agile, and its structure and terms of payment more flexible. That means its services, processes, and even rates can be customized to fit the needs and requirements of its customers, which are small businesses. This flexibility is a far cry from the structured arrangement that clients have come to expect from the traditional customer service outsourcing. In this last model, the outsourcing customer service company approaches its potential clients with a pre-arranged packaged list of services, rates of payment, phases of deliverables, and standard requirements. Except for a few minor tweaks here and there, it is not often open to change and the terms have to be usually accepted the way they are presented. The traditional customer service outsourcing company relies on this model because it has to consider its overhead expenses such as monthly rental and the number of full-time employees it has to keep and maintain a working process if it is to make a reasonable profit.

If you look at it closely, that traditional model actually serves the outsourcing company more than it is sensitive to the client firm. Outsourced technical support outsourcing, however, breaks those limits and makes itself adjustable to the needs and requirements of the client, especially the small-to-medium-sized businesses. This capability when it comes to providing online customer support cannot be underestimated, simply because these small but growing enterprises, especially the start-ups, are themselves evolving and changing. Because of their limited resources, they also have to adapt to the challenges they find themselves in. As such, any outsourcing company that wants to service them must adapt to them as they adapt accordingly. Another advantage to this is that having a remote outsourced technical support helps the startup and small enterprises to scale and grow along with them.

Providing online customer care can be resilient and agile because they manage dedicated remote customer service teams who are not full-time employees. Because it does offshore outsourcing, it does not have to pay monthly rent or maintain costly IT equipment because all of its customer service team members work virtually, usually in the comfort of their homes or their own remote working space which they pay for out of their own pocket. The absence of rent immediately makes the amount and terms of payment it offers cost-effective and very reasonable, one which the small enterprises can readily afford.

Having that flexibility to start with one dedicated remote staff and be able to scale as your business grows is what makes HOPLA palatable to a lot of startup companies. Other than that compared to freelancers your dedicated remote staff is also certified of high professional caliber whom you can trust to work as agreed upon or even more. Since they are also not juggling many clients at the same time, their focus is to grow with you and your business. These dedicated remote employees are also work-from-home professionals, therefore, it removes the added costs that are usually paid to the traditional outsourcing companies that have to consider employee benefits such as paid leave and medical services. At the same time, the remote-worker status of the customer service teams enables the customer outsourcing company to adjust to the requirements of the client company. If the small business needs to scale its customer service requirements because of growing market demand, then the online technical support company can easily add more virtual staff. If budgetary constraints or market challenges compel the small business to scale down its customer service requirements perhaps temporarily, then the number of online customer service representatives servicing it can be lessened accordingly and speedily and with practically no inconvenience to any party.

Online customer care outsourcing ultimately frees the small business owner of having to maintain and manage a permanent customer service department. It helps him save his resources and focus on the thing that matters most to him: his core business and boosting his market share. HOPLA’s online quality customer service, with its team of dedicated remote staff, can help him scale, improve his productivity, and sharpen his competitive edge.