Is it popular and being used —  the phenomenon or trend is now known as work from home for a company on top?

It is also called by another term:  ‘remote work for a company.’ It simply means that companies are resorting to remote workers who perform their tasks at home while remaining virtually connected to their clients at all times. Remote work has arisen in leaps and bounds over the last few years because of the skyrocketing increase in smart devices and improvements in internet connection. The workforce has become more mobile. They can work in a variety of locations without reporting physically to their brick-and-mortar office. They collaborate using various software to make sure that they are on the same page, and that deadlines are met. More important to companies that do hire these remote workers, they help their clients save expenses that would otherwise have been spent on employee benefits or added infrastructure.

Accounting, transcription service, customer service, editorial work, graphic design, virtual assistance — these are just a tip of the iceberg of the kind of work that is being outsourced. These are among the most sought-after jobs from home. The question is, though, while indeed many firms are resorting to employees or contract professionals, working from home, does this trend also applies to industry leaders and the top firms?

The answer is yes. It is being done by these household names or money-making iconic brands. The individual professionals who service them are not all full-time employees, but many are individual professionals or contract workers who are deployed on a project-management or long-term but temporary basis.

Probably only a few other giants can get bigger than Amazon, the undisputed champion in online e-commerce. Amazon recently announced that it will open a Virtual Customer Service Program and that it will be hiring more than 5,000 remote workers over the next few years. A look at their current site now shows that to date they are hiring customer service specialists and accountants.

A next dream company to work for is Apple, the groundbreaking legend that gave us game-changing devices like the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad. A lot of professionals would give a lot to work in the company. Part-timers can do so through remote or virtual jobs as Apple does hire many of them regularly. To date, a lot of these remote jobs have to do with sales and IT sales.

TeleTech probably broke the mold, though, in the remote category.  This call center pioneer does engage 50 percent of its entire global workforce on a remote basis — or an estimated 20,000 remote workers doing remote work for a company.  Most of the jobs assigned are customer service-oriented because that is TeleTech’s specialty.

Lenovo, which is recognized as among the most innovative companies in the world, is another top company that hires remote workers on a regular basis. Many of them make up its more than 60,000-strong workforce based all over the world. Current remote jobs span a variety of categories, from sales, marketing, IT, corporate and administrative, to technical work.

Remote working for a top company is getting to be more the norm than the exception. As seen above, the legends and game-changers in the business landscape are in that arena now, and some of them even started or pioneered the trend. So if you are a business owner wanting to know if remote work has a solid track record, then their experience should give you an encouraging answer.

Remote working can happen in different ways. You can hire individual professionals through referrals or posting the ads on your social media and web page. But a more efficient way is to ask the help of a managed outsourcing company who already has a list of proven, skilled, and dedicated remote staff who can more than help you in meeting your deliverables. We at HOPLA would love to help you. Call us now.