Successful business owners smartly delegate data entry tasks. That’s not just an opinion or speculation. The facts and numbers do bear out that the entrepreneurs who made it big or at least made their business sustainable are those who know how to delegate. Gallup Poll did research on CEO of companies that had become market leaders. What they found out was telling:  the company heads that regularly delegate their more mundane, but still efficient tasks surpassed their colleagues who were unable to do so by a whopping 112 percent increase in productivity. Over a three-year span, they grew their market — and with it, their profits — by 1,751 percent.  What does this mean to startups and business owners? The answer is obvious: delegate!

Delegating data entry tasks

You can start with data entry tasks. These are the duties that have to do with a lot of the encoding and documentation of all the information that is present in the organization. They are fairly simple to do and will not require highly advanced skills from the workforce. Remote staff who do online data entry jobs are diligent and meticulous, though. That’s because they input all the data the company contains and possesses in the present, and continue putting into the database all the other facts, figures, and pieces of knowledge for record keeping.

Focus on priorities

Home-based data entry jobs might not be rocket science, but they can take up a lot of your time and energy. That’s why you need to outsource this service to those who can do them efficiently, competently, and punctually. Business owners who have done so have seen a significant positive change in their productivity, operations, and bottom line. These are some of the reasons why they delegated their data entry tasks:

It makes data-related work in their organizations more efficient and organized.
They bring order into that seemingly endless data that enters your company computers every single day. Accurate is their nickname which speaks truly when they are recording information, and they can make sense of documents that might appear unclear to the average worker. In short, they help create a system that helps you and the rest of your team understand all that data.

This brings us to the second reason —

The big picture

It helps you, the business owner focus on your priorities, and that means making sure the company is earning revenues, the clients are happy, and your financials are solid. If you do the tasks yourself, you will get bogged down with all the small but significant details that will keep you occupied but will potentially hurt your leadership in the organization. You as the business owner are responsible for making your company fulfill its mission and vision. You cannot be burdened with all the nitty-gritty data entry jobs that others should be doing.

Finally, delegating the tasks to a remote worker will empower you to see the big picture. Again that’s your primary responsibility as the company leader. You inspire the company, your team, your clients, and the rest of your shareholders to move forward and succeed. That means always being attuned to your current market position, the challenges that are coming your way, the opportunities that you have to explore, and the rewards that you can win. You will not be able to comprehend and take in the view of this mountain of success if you keep trimming the leaves of certain trees. Leave that kind of work to a data entry specialist. 

Many of your colleagues are outsourcing their data entry tasks so they can provide the leadership that their companies require. We in HOPLA can do the same for you. Call us now.