Newspaper ads and radio commercials have had their peak days in the past. Now, things are changing and digital marketing services are taking the lead.

The Pinnacle of Digital Marketing Services

An online course provider in Digital Marketing called The Left Bank sourced a report on the hiring trends in 2018 and showed an increase in the demand for digital marketing services. Topping the charts is the need for Digital Advertising Experts with 45% demand from hiring companies. Second is Content Creation and Curation with 42% demand, while coming in third, is Content Strategy.

The need for uniqueness grows more as companies tussle against each other for the attention of the public and an ongoing trend is social change campaigns. Here are some brands which turned a lot of heads and succeeded.


We Believe: The Best Men Can Be – Gillette

On the first month of 2019, Gillette released their campaign entitled “The Best Men Can Be”. The campaign aimed to change the stereotypes of today’s views on masculinity. It showed how society’s tolerance for the unpleasant behavior of men everywhere affects the growth of young boys. In this redeveloped advocacy, the grooming company wanted to encourage men all over the world to strive to be better. This includes taking responsibility for how society perceives what it means to be a man.

Alongside with the awareness campaign, the company pledged to donate $1 Million annually to non-profit organizations. They partnered with groups advocating to help men to improve for the better. This included movements that involve youth development, promotion of healthy behavior, enhancing leadership and promotion of positivity among men.

Be The Guy – Be The Match

Be The Match is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving cancer patients through bone marrow donation. Before the campaign was launched, the company lacked donors from men aged 18-24. This inspired them to create a humorous campaign which targeted their hard-to-reach audience. Be The Match collaborated with a digital marketing company and came up with an amazing concept of “flipping the script”. The ad showcased their target donors instead of their patients. They filmed men being themselves, doing normal things to show that even these men could save lives.

They started releasing these short ads where most men spend their time online. The ad was released on social apps like Reddit, Snapchat, Twitch, Facebook, and Instagram. The company’s strategic approach of tapping into the market paved way for the campaign’s success. The videos gained a total of 212 million impressions from social media platforms. There was a 970% increase in direct website traffic as well. After launching the campaign, the non-profit organization saw a 280% increase in their target donors. They received over 17,974 new donations. Needless to say, the campaign was a total victory.

The Talk: My Black is Beautiful – Procter & Gamble

Back in 2018, Procter & Gamble released a controversial ad which tackled an issue about the prejudice against black people in the United States. The video showed a couple of scenarios of parents having “the talk” about the hard-hitting reality of growing up black in the country. P&G used the campaign to speak out about an ongoing bias towards the community hopes to raise awareness on the issue and create a significant impact.

The digital marketing services campaign garnered success with the video alone gaining two million views on Youtube. It even won an Emmy award and beat other ads from Apple, Monica Lewinsky, Amazon’s Alexa, and another P&G ad for Tide detergent.

#WeAccept – Airbnb

Back in 2017, US President Trump started a fuss from the public when he banned refugees and immigrants, mostly from the Muslim nation. This caused a ruckus and made high-profile celebrities and companies to state their sentiments on the issue. One of the concerned establishments was Airbnb and they indirectly voiced out their opinion on the matter using a campaign ad titled #WeAccept. The commercial aired on SuperBowl and spread across social media using the hashtag to promote acceptance regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs and others.

AirBnb successfully emanated a positive perception of its brand by taking advantage of the current issue and launching a timely campaign. Within the first month of the launch, the video already gained 5 million views on Youtube alone and 100 000 views on Instagram. Influencers online, TV personalities, and politicians even adapted the hashtag #WeAccept.

It’s remarkable how these brands take advantage of their reputation by actually taking a stand and contributing to social change. In the digital landscape, delivering your service won’t cut it especially if your competitors are already catching the hearts of your target audience. Say goodbye to traditional marketing of hard selling and embrace the concept of influential marketing. Although doing this requires a lot of effort and conceptualizing, online marketing companies like HOPLA can help by providing affordable digital marketing services like photo & video editing, content writing, web design services and more. Contact us today and let’s talk about your next campaign.