Businesses of today are not just settling with the brick and mortar stores. They are emerging online and making their mark in the world through the use of Social Media platforms. As a competitor in the business, it is vital that you keep up with the latest social media marketing news and follow rising trends to keep your business afloat.

Here are the top 7 sites that deliver extensive social media marketing updates.

Social Media Today

This is a site meaty with the latest news and trends in the Digital Marketing industry. They host a variety of content about social media marketing such as blog posts, webinars, research & surveys, books, and white papers. They also post updates and tips about Content Marketing for your content strategy

What’s awesome about Social Media Today is that they have a sidebar containing all the upcoming events their audience might be interested in.

The New York Times

Apart from the breaking news and editorial writeups on different sectors, The NY Times also offers social media marketing news across all platforms. What’s great about this is that the entries are listed according to the dates published so you’ll definitely know you’re in the loop.


This website is not only the place where you get the latest entertainment news. You can also get insights about trends on social media marketing news, digital marketing, technology & science, and culture. Apart from these good reads, you can also watch videos under different categories based on your interests. Start browsing its Social Media category so you know which features to take advantage of for your business.

Digital Trends

If you’re not as tech-savvy as the Gen Z’s, you should definitely add Digital Trends to your online library. This website keeps you in the loop with the latest stories on the hottest gadgets in photography, mobile, cars, clothing, etc. Learn about the technological advancement on literally, anything under the sun! They even have a separate menu for innovators all around the world containing DIY articles and whatnot.

In their Social Media Category, you can read about the hottest stories in the world wide web. Know what the whole world is talking about at the moment. This is an age where it’s so easy to connect with people from different part of the globe. Know where your business fits in and join the conversation!

Sprout Social

As one of the leading platforms for social media software, Sprout Social also became a thought leader when it comes to social media marketing. This website offers insights and releases their own reports about Digital Marketing and Social Media trends

This website is useful especially for startup marketers because of their extensive library of news and tips & tricks for social media marketing catered to small-time marketers.


Similar to Mashable, this website is also a smorgasbord of entries about a variety of topics. Browse stories on culture, tech, science, innovation, cybersecurity, and a lot more. Depending on where you want to be updated in, this website lets you choose from most recent entries as well as the most popular ones so you can join in the discussion. Each category also has a section for videos where you can watch interesting content related to the topic of your choice.

Smart Brief

Catered to thought leaders and Digital Marketers across the globe, this website posts industry news and useful insights from different sources. You can browse from their categories in Business, Health, Finance, Education, Retail, Marketing & Advertising, and a lot more.

Choose from the latest news about technology and tips on Online Marketing. Skimming through their Digital category, you can select and read current trending topics as well as the most recent updates on tech and various social media platforms.

Be updated with the latest Social Media Marketing News and Adopt the Latest Trends

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