A stigma against email communication and marketing has been going on ever since the emergence of other digital platforms. Marketers tend to underestimate the effectiveness of emails especially now when other messaging media are readily accessible. However, looking at the facts, has it become irrelevant to outsource email support services?

Email is not dead. It’s changing.

Right now, there are about 3.93 million active email accounts and the numbers are projected to reach 4.26 million by the year 2022. This includes multiple accounts created for various purposes like shopping, work, social accounts, etc. Also, when it comes to online shopping, people deem to find credibility when they transact through emails. In fact, according to research done by Harris Interactive, 81% of online shoppers in the US, are more likely to make additional purchases. Personalized email marketing mostly influenced this behavior.

In a time where your business is blooming, you need to maximize every effective medium. Here are some essential digital marketing efforts you can do through email.

Customer Support or Help Desk Services

Successful businesses always have a mailing address to become more accessible to customers. During the beginning of the customer journey, you need to brace yourself with numerous inquiries. Customers are naturally curious and will ask about your product. They will ask about the services or information about your current promotions. A lot of unpredictable questions are to arise. Hence, it is important for your customers to be able to contact you immediately for any concerns.

Order Management

Handling a large volume of orders can be tough especially during peak seasons. Reservations are much easier to track on emails which make the medium more preferable than other platforms. Sending receipts and vouchers are also easier in email since it accepts a wide range of formats. In times where your customers ask multiple questions at random hours, businesses usually rely on live chat outsourcing or outsourced email services to provide 24/7 assistance to customers.

Personalized Marketing

Email support outsourcing is not just limited to customer services. It plays a part in consumer loyalty as well. Customers become loyal to the brand if they are being valued by the organization. Research done by the Direct Marketing Association states that 68% have made a purchase just because of personalization when it comes to email messaging. This also comes in handy when looking for job candidates. Job seekers rely more on email because of its legitimacy and intimacy from the sender.

So, should you still outsource email support services?

If you are a business that involves online transactions, or a service that directly deals with a massive amount of customers, then it’s time to outsource email support services. The competition is tough and one way to stay ahead of the curve is to make your business more approachable and accessible for your customers.

Answering emails, organizing inbox can be time-consuming. It’s a good thing that outsourcing the daunting task of email management can now be outsourced to companies that specialize in customer service. Check out some of HOPLA’s services where you can hire dedicated virtual assistants and administrative assistants to help you manage emails and help you focus on your business even better.