Artificial intelligence is everywhere. Every time you search for information on Google or ask Siri to set a reminder, an AI is helping you. With the help of voice recognition and wireless technology, accessing AI-powered devices became easier. It’s no wonder businesses have begun to incorporate this technological advancement in their daily procedures. AI makes everything fast, easy, and timely, perfect for fast-paced companies. Most workers would feel threatened by this rising innovation, while some business owners became intrigued. Can AI replace a virtual personal assistant? Will it provide better online personal assistant services?

What are the advantages of an AI Virtual Assistant?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence can do almost everything you do not want to do. AI can set up an appointment with your dentist, do your groceries for you, and even book the cheapest flight for your next trip! Also, AI assistants can perform monotonous and time-consuming tasks in seconds, saving money and time.

online personal assistant services

Aside from reducing costs and improving efficiency, it also offers personalization. AI learns from experience acquired from recent interactions. It can adjust to its user’s needs and provide suggestions or solutions related to your daily tasks.

People can enjoy these features anytime, anywhere. The rise of AI assistants shows no signs of slowing down and continues to get better every day. Reports suggest that the artificial intelligence market is expected to reach $300.26 billion by 2026. With the unstoppable progress of AI assistants, how can a virtual assistant compete?


Why Online Personal Assistant Services Will Never Go Away


Artificial intelligence is a great innovation, while humans are great innovators.

Despite the numerous advantages of an AI assistant, it will never be enough. Yes, artificial intelligence can respond to questions, accomplish tasks, and provide solutions. However, these exciting features have a long way to go.

Everything an AI does is programmed and follows sequence algorithms, therefore limited and predictable. A user can expect it to perform a task, but it might encounter difficulties when dealing with complicated tasks. An example is when dealing with an irate customer who couldn’t wait to have her transactions processed as quickly as they want.

online personal assistant services

Let us take a look at chatbots. It can answer common concerns your customers might have. However, it cannot respond appropriately to feedback beyond its programming, which can affect customer rapport.

Meanwhile, a personal assistant can easily adjust to scenarios, for they can understand the context behind certain events. Furthermore, human assistants can think outside the box because they are not bound to follow a formulaic response. Also, unlike AI assistants, personal assistants do not need developers or programming to function.

AI and Online Personal Assistants, can they work together?

AI assistants can deliver fast results, but promptness does not promise excellence. However, humans, too, are not perfect. While they can provide satisfactory personal assistant services, several factors can affect their performance. Is there anything that we can do about this?

The simple answer is, YES!

Artificial intelligence is a great innovation, while humans are great innovators. Humans provide information to assist artificial intelligence. In return, AI makes mundane tasks incredibly easy. When utilised correctly, the co-existence of both assistants will benefit not only the flow of a workplace but also work-life balance.

As a business owner, which should I invest in?

Four words: Online Personal Assistant Services. Nothing can beat the services provided by a human. They possess something artificial intelligence cannot offer: creativity, perseverance, and flexibility.

Human assistants can think outside the box because they are not bound to follow a formulaic response.

Business owners can choose to invest in both and make them work together. This way, you can achieve a satisfactory outcome with timely results. However, they should never consider the idea of relying heavily on AI. Human touch is always required to accomplish a task successfully.

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