In the world we live in today, literally, anyone can make a profit out of anything. Other businesses have started adopting the more efficient option of remote working culture and when it comes to managing remote teams, young entrepreneurs could use some help. Here are some handy-dandy tools to help you save time and manage your teams more effectively.

Communication tools for faster communication

Thanks to advancements in technologies, talking to your team does not require you all to be physically present. However, having a remote work culture requires a counterbalance of the fact that you have no physical communication.

What’s even greater about running a business today is you can choose from a variety of platform depending on the urgency of the conversation. You also have to consider the type of meeting to select the most appropriate medium.


This software is one of the most popular productivity tools for remote workers. It has group chat features that allow remote workers to communicate easily and work on a project through messaging. This is perfect for simple reminders you need to send out to your team instead of having your messages drowned on email.

Efficient brainstorming sessions with video conferencing technologies

Even though you are working with a virtual team, different time zones and location should not hinder you from producing top quality output. Video conferencing tools today have additional features that provide a seamless experience for managing remote teams everywhere.


This specific app is good for video conferencing whenever there’s an upcoming project. It is also useful for talking with clients from other countries. For managing your team and keeping their performances at par, this software can be also used for personalized feedback sessions with employees.


One great thing about Zoom is that it is perfect for onboarding employees. Aside from its video conferencing feature, it also allows users to share screens so you can provide instructions easily.

Time tracking tools for better management

Tracking time is essential for managing remote teams. For virtual workers, time tracking is used to make proper invoices and get compensated for the time spent. This also ensures employers that they are not overpaying for the services they are outsourcing.


This app allows project managers to track time and make payments seamlessly with its smart features. It has online timesheets that you can easily export, and employee scheduling feature for planning and clocking-in, and GPS feature that tracks employees who are always on the go. Watch the video for more information on how Hubstaff can help your remote team.

File-sharing applications for easier collaboration

For companies practicing a remote work culture, it is practical to have a file-sharing application especially for files that need editing. This is typical for teams that need to have constant access on files they are working on such as, PDF files, Audio files, and other documents.

Google Drive

One of the most popular options for file sharing is Google Drive. It serves a convenient purpose of creating a storage box for files and securing them for authorized personnel only. A great thing about this is that it has other available applications within the drive that allow synchronization and collaboration easier such as Google sheets, Google docs, Google Slides, and more. Google’s default storage space starts at 15GB.


Similar to Google Drive, this application also allows users to access the files whenever and wherever they need it. Both are available on mobile applications for the users, and both allow its users to share files without having the need to attach large files through messages and emails. OneDrive’s default storage space is 1TB.

Managing remote teams with project management software

Working with an online team requires a commitment to a process. Because of several project management software, managing remote teams has never been easier. Applications such as Asana and Trello allow a virtual team to get an overview of all the upcoming projects, collaborate on them, and check the status of each task.


This software is perfect for teams who need to complete projects for clients. It has features that keep everybody updated on the status of each task. It also allows project managers to easily assign tasks to each member of the team and give reminders on deadlines.

Entrust your remote team with an experienced provider

With the lack of resources in talent, it is hard to juggle your time and focus between your business and managing your remote team. As a thriving business, you need to focus your energy on providing your clients with what they need and making sure you deliver the best quality possible.

Here at HOPLA, we provide our clients with premium quality by monitoring the performance of our freelancers. Our teams have dedicated project managers to guarantee the efficiency of the teams, making use of the latest technology and software. Contact us today and let’s talk about how you can effectively manage your remote teams.