One thing that makes doing business today more urgent, more demanding, and yes, more stressful, is the on-demand economy. Customers want their products delivered almost as soon as they see it on the net. They want a smart reply as soon as they click on an app. They want videos, images, and music about the brand streamed to their phones once they see it on YouTube. If a company delays its delivery, or the website chatbot does not shoot off a reply ASAP,  the customer becomes dissatisfied and literally walks or clicks away. All that pressure can load an immense amount of stress on the business owner. Yet, interestingly enough, the on-demand economy has also given rise to a solution that is being adopted by many business owners everywhere:  outsourcing technical support. There are many ways how outsourcing or offshoring contribute to a business owner’s physical and mental well-being.

Forbes shows this crucial link between the on-demand economy and customer service outsourcing. It also makes an important distinction of how outsourcing services has become more important to the digital economy. It simply means business owners are beginning to contract their customer support services to a third party or a managed outsourcing partner. It saves them time, overhead expenses, and a lot of headaches, which come with the territory if they should do the customer service themselves or in-house.

Outsourcing customer support actually saves the business owner or entrepreneur more than a proverbial migraine or heartburn. It is a worthwhile investment that enhances his physical and mental well-being. Here are the many ways that it does so.


The business owner has more time to do a lot of physical activity and exercise. Because he has been freed from doing the thousand and one mundane tasks by hiring remote customer support, he can squeeze in an hour or two more at the gym. If he is not a gym buff, he can free his weekends now to hike mountains, swim beaches, or just play his favorite baseball game. As a result, he can sweat out his stress and burn a lot of the fat which could weaken his heart.

The second way that hired remote customer support can improve his physical health is by getting him to move around and start walking — in his own office. Without customer support to assist him, the business owner can spend a  lot of his office time doing calls, typing data, and a lot of the admin tasks. All these combine to make him sit at his desk for four to five hours. That inactivity can lead to obesity and the accumulation of fat in his system, which can expose his cardiovascular system to risk. But if he has an offshore support to take care of those menial tasks, chances are he will spend a lot of his time moving around to supervise his business. He will be checking on stores, talking to his staff face to face, and getting to know his customers who do drop by.


If there’s one thing that hiring remote customer support can do for a business owner’s mental health, it will help him declutter and focus. He will be able to let go of the tedious, mind-numbing tasks that seize his attention. He can now prioritize and focus his attention and energies on the priorities that can bring in the numbers and grow his market. Focusing on the big picture will also reduce his stress, as he will no longer be subjected to the small irritants on the job, like misspelled documents, delayed reports, and angry customers.

Outsourcing Customer Support: Business owner’s valium

Finally, offshoring customer support can enable the perpetually tired business owner to get quality sleep time. He can squeeze in a half-hour nap time during lunch break. More important, at home, he can get his needed eight hours of restful sleep because no angry customer will be calling him at odd hours. Quality sleep in the evening is important for repairing our bodies and rejuvenating our mind. The result is a more confident attitude, supported by boundless energy when he wakes up.

If you are that kind of business owner who needs to take a second good look at his physical and mental health, hiring a remote customer support team can do wonders for you. HOPLA can help you. Call us now.