Majority of businesses today is on Social Media. They all have accounts on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. However, one question remains: Are they maximizing its potential? So, as a startup business in the online scene, how do you make the best of social media for business?

Acquire International Reach

One of the many advantages of social media for business is gaining a worldwide reach. But, how exactly do you make sure that you reach the people you want to reach?

Targeted Ads

During the first stages of learning about social media marketing, you always hear positive things about sponsored ads. This is because it gives you the flexibility to target as broad or as narrow as you want. Depending on your target demographic, it provides options to reach specific genders, location, people based on their life events, and even the devices they use.

When investing in sponsored ads, you should also keep in mind which of these platforms are more appropriate for your audience. Analyze which social media platforms your target market most likely will use. Are they mostly on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? You should also consider the type of service that you do when deciding which platform to use for your ads.

Drive Website Traffic

At this stage, there are already hundreds of competition out there. For you to rank higher on your website, you need all the help you can get, and this includes content from your social media platforms.

Referral Link on Status Updates

When posting status updates, you can insert shortened links of your webpages. Just make sure it is relevant; otherwise, it will come off as spammy or just plain annoying. Some businesses hire a social media agency to create witty and engaging posts. You can try browsing for much less expensive options that offer social media services for your business.

Complete Your Bio

These apps allow you to introduce yourself to the public by placing a bit of information about you. This includes location, website, and other links which are related to your brand. Placing full links on your profile allows users to quickly go to your website and get to know more about you.

Increase in Sales

Some perceive that there is little traction on Social Media when it comes to sales. However, some agencies offer a complete package and can hire a dedicated sales person on social media alone. This strategy allows brands to maximize their social media accounts and talk to interested customers. Even though people on social media are a little bit passive, there are still opportunities for sale in these platforms. And it is crucial that you do not miss these potential leads.

24/7 Availability Online

Especially for B2C businesses, you never know when a customer would be interested in your product or service. There are times when they will contact you in the middle of the night asking for the cost of the item you are selling. You should use this opportunity to woo them with your responsiveness.

Ready To Take on Social Media for Business?

If you think social media is beneficial for your business but have no idea on how to execute your plans, you can try researching online. However, this will take a lot of time, effort, and tons of trial and error sessions. This would mean spending a lot of money on experiments that would not work 90% of the time. As a beginner in social media marketing, you can try hiring a social media consultant or partner with a social media agency to discuss your needs.

Here at HOPLA, we make sure our strategies fit your business goals. Putting together years of experience and competitive management, we make sure that we deliver high-quality results to maximize your investment. Want to learn more? Inquire today!