Remote working appears attractive to many professionals who want to have a greater work-life balance. In retrospect, this is a more solid work-life integration. Work from home jobs offers more flexibility when it comes to time and working arrangements. Stress is lessened thanks to a very comfortable environment: their own home. They can easily incorporate activities that free up their creativity such as art classes and gym exercises. Most importantly, they can share enjoyable activities with their family. To thrive in this dynamic and yet relatively stress-free environment, one needs to possess the necessary skills required to be successful in work from home jobs.

Business owners who are seeking to contract professionals who choose to work from home must also be aware of these skills and competencies. A candidate applying for a work from home position might look good on his resume. He might list down all his technical abilities, education, and even an impressive portfolio from his previous work from home jobs. But the lack of these so-called soft skills might be a threat to an organization. Once the pressure comes in, the lack of discipline will reveal itself. And sooner or later, deadlines will get missed, and the quality will suffer.

Successfully Landing Work from Home Jobs

HOPLA has extensive experience working with a growing list of remote workers and professionals who are expert in various disciplines. This ranges from office administration, copywriting, web design and development, to data entry jobs. After years in the industry, our project managers have developed this uncanny instinct to detect which of them can make a productive, long-term living out of it.

Here are the necessary, non-negotiable skills required to succeed in work from home jobs:


We mentioned this word before and it is the ultimate requirement of working from home. It means a commitment to the task and the capability to produce it with excellent results. Pressure is present in every profession. It brings its own level of stress whether in an office or remote setting. The absence of external drives makes it even more challenging for those who work from home. For instance, there are no managers or bosses who will call their attention should they slacken. Then, there are the distractions that are always present in one’s living space: kids who want the parent-cum-remote worker’s attention, friends who come knocking at the door, or the arrival of new being-able Netflix episodes.

With proper self-discipline, they can manage their time and energy while delivering results just as expected.

A Keen Sense of Organization

The ability to organize all schedules into one workable, clear process that ensures completion of deadlines is a must. One commitment cannot spill over and affect another. Aside from his calendar, his to-do list must always be detailed and updated, ensuring that the completion of tasks will help build each project into an organized whole.

The Creation of a Functional Workspace

Organizational skills extend to the creation of a home office. It may be his study or an old bedroom converted into a working space. Although it is literally only a few steps away from the living room, it is totally dedicated to working. Computers, phones, smart devices, and other office-related equipment are placed inside for ready use. Additionally, other online job necessities such as webcam and headset need to be within reach. The ideal desk is clean and free of clutter. More than the desk itself, they need to make sure that the workspace has a decent background away from potential distractions in case of video calls and online meetings. Ultimately, it needs to be away from any sources of noise. He treats the workspace as almost sacred — because it is the one place at home that he can dedicate his utmost, unswerving concentration, and dedication while finishing his projects.


They are doers. Once he gets his assignment, he runs with it. He studies how to improve processes and procedures, and taking ownership of the project. He maps out the project from day one, scheduling tasks, meetings, and other things on his to-do list. He acquires the resources and tools needed to complete his deliverables. Procrastination is alien to him. He recognizes that every minute is important and he uses the time allotted to him to the best that he can.

Passion for Work & Learning

A passion for work is closely linked to proactiveness. Love for work is what wakes him up excited every morning and allows him to sleep restfully at night. Quality is always at the top of his mind; that means that he always improves on every task that is given to him. He studies current trends, innovations, and smart devices to see how it can be applied to the project. He will always be suggesting ways to clients on how to make the work stand out and improve the current workflow. To this kind of remote worker, the entire range of his work is not just a way to put food on the table. It is a chance for him to stand out and shine because he is doing something he deeply loves.

The desire to learn should present at all times. The successful professional does not rest on his laurels, regardless of the thickness of his portfolio, or the number of his clients. He wants to excel in his chosen field, and that means staying on the cutting-edge. He is taking courses that sharpen his professional and technical skills. He networks with colleagues to learn about new things and apply them to work. He might even have an unofficial mentor in the wings who gives tips about the industry. This love of learning is closely related to passion. Together, they are the fuel that inspires a telecommuters to do their best and deliver quality work at all times.

Impeccable Communication Skills

Finally, communication skills are required for work from home jobs. As such, communication skills — verbal and written — are vital in ensuring that all messages are transmitted, accepted, and understood accurately. They should take the lead in asking for client requirements, which also means asking the right questions to give them a clearer picture of their tasks. They take down notes and ask the client to approve or revise them. They clarify details, deliverables, and deadlines.

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