Getting a virtual assistant for social media marketing offers many advantages to the business owner. A dedicated remote worker who is focused on building your brand can establish a strong online presence in social media. He or she will spread on what makes it attractive — and to the right target market. Engagement of customers is consistent, continuous, and thorough. Complaints and issues are answered in real-time, and positive feedback from happy customers can go viral. A smart, sensitive social media manager also gets a deeper insight into what your customer wants. 

While your virtual assistant for social media marketing is doing all these, you can concentrate on growing your business.

A smart, sensitive social media manager also gets a deeper insight into what your customer wants. 

How and where do you find these professionals who can do social media marketing for you? There are four ways to do it.

#1:  Get referrals from active social media virtual assistants

Start out by asking for recommendations from colleagues you have worked with. Narrow the search to specific fields, like marketing and advertising. Your business comrades might not be able to work for you, because they might be full-time employees. One or two might have also put up his own social media agency. But they just might know the social media star players in the market. You can also trust the quality of theVA for social media marketing that makes it on their list. These are your friends after all, and they won’t let you down.

#2:  Do active recruitment from the social media sites themselves

Social Media Fuze recommends this approach. LinkedIn and Facebook have many groups where you can post requirements for your ideal partner for social media marketing. You can also Tweet your own job ad on Twitter. Remote talents who do social media marketing will tweet back, and share your post. Do one-on-one online convos with each applicant, and see if their credentials match what you’re looking for. Asking for their resumes, work samples, and brands they are working on is also a must. This method might be time-consuming, but it can give you a more personal view of the talent market.

#3:  Use freelancer sites to hire a virtual assistant for social media marketing

If you prefer a more targeted approach, then freelancer sites like Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer might be more efficient. These sites are the hubs for remote workers who specialize in skills, like virtual assistance, web design and development, creative writing, etc. After registering on site, browse for candidates in their database. One of them just might be the one you are looking for. Post a job ad on these sites, and applications will land in your inbox in a few hours, if not minutes.

Although take note that some of these sites do charge a fee for posting a job ad or hiring a candidate. Check for fees, rates, and other financial transactions needed before doing any recruitment. Alternative, you can look for virtual assistant services offering talents based on your needs.

#4:  HOPLA’s unique help

HOPLA can make your search for your best virtual assistant for social media marketing easier, simpler, and more cost-effective. We can offer you all of the advantages given by the previously mentioned methods.

First, we have our own active, growing database of social media managers. That alone gives you a list of the cream of the crop, saving you from feeling the waters on Facebook and Twitter.

Second, unlike some freelancer sites, we have personally vetted and screened our recommended social media managers. We do thorough background checks and skill tests to assess that they can perform your requirements. While friends who recommend may have the best of intentions, our processes show that our social media managers have an excellent track record.

HOPLA is also a managed outsourcing company. If you are too preoccupied to do all the work, a project manager monitors the talents we deploy to you, making sure they are up to speed and delivering on deadline. We also upskill our talents regularly to make sure they are competitive in the industry. Because they are on the cutting edge, their service lives up to the industry’s best practices. In short, you get high-quality work.

If you are looking for the best professional for social media marketing, call HOPLA now.