Increase your sales with a remote social media manager. Yes, a bold claim yet remains as one of the most effective keys to driving traffic to your site, boosting the number of your followers, and converting likes and inquiries into actual sales. It’s cost-effective, quick, market-driven, and can give you answers to all those marketing questions that have been hiding at the back of your mind. A social media moderator who’s working offsite but delivers on the job can do wonders for your sales efforts.

Your sales people are tasked to sell, that’s their job. That means a lot of cold calling, emailing, facetime meetings, virtual conferences, and meet-and-greet until the contract is signed. They know their numbers and their customers. They can go a dozen extra miles for you if it means getting the customer to come on board.  What they don’t do or merely not experts on is social media marketing. This is currently the secret sauce to revenue generation today which means it is high time for you to hire a remote social media manager.

HOPLA has a team of remote professionals who have redefined their roles and gone beyond the standard task of social media monitoring. Our remote workers who can surf Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest with the ease of digital natives have been trained to communicate with your audience with the objective of selling. They also know how to analyze and interpret the behavior of your customers, making them good in marketing. They also have automation tools and the creative eye needed to succeed in such a business. Our brand of remote talents can actually act as partners in your business.

How a Remote Social Media Manager sets the trap:

Humanize your site

Capitalize on your live video streaming. Video is powerful, and these days your customers want to see them live, and not pre-recorded. That’s because they want to see that who or what they are viewing is real and can be trusted. Authenticity is the one thing that can persuade a customer to be a buyer. The remote social media manager can plan and execute a lot of fun activities that can excite your customers and make them buy in. Live videos can be entertaining, informative, thrilling — and when the sale is done, it’s easy and almost natural. Examples of live events are mini-marathons where participants use your customer’s brand shirt or shoes; a wedding that promotes your client’s baked goodies; or a fund drive for recent calamity victims who will also receive donations from your brand. These social media video events create a connection between the audience and your brand. Because they help them believe in your brand, it becomes easier to sell them on your product.

Practical Tips

Draw in your customers with your content. Content will always be king — whether it’s a thought-provoking post, an entertaining meme, or a funny video. Your customers of today want to learn. They always want a takeaway from every post they read or every video they watch. They want to get something useful and relevant from your content. That’s why the traditional in-your-face advertising that is shouting at your customer to buy a product does not work anymore. Your social media manager knows this and instead of upfront selling, will use content to turn curious visitors to become buying customers.

For example, your brand is all about running shoes and athletic shirts. Your SMM can come up with a top-10 list of how to create and maintain a runner’s program; that just might draw in newbies who are interested in health and fitness. Another example would be a bakeshop that has a mom-friendly brand. Instead of posting about cake flavors all the time, they can come up with a webinar targeted to cake-loving moms on how they can come up with a fun, unforgettable birthday party for their ten-year-old. The sales pitch isn’t obvious, but it’s there in the message and the link at the bottom of the page.

Sealing the Deal

Finally, there must be a tool for a buy-in. The social media expert will not be content with getting a lot of likes and follows. He will put in tools in the platforms that will retain that connection with the visitor or the customer. For example, the web visitor can get a free e-book on baking if she signs up for membership with her email address. Another tool is a Buy Button that many social media networks are introducing now. It’s an effective convincing way to get the visitor to literally buy the product. After viewing the content, he just might want to buy your product ASAP. The smart remote social media expert will give him that option with a Buy Button.

Follow these tips and hire a remote social media manager, and watch your sales increase like never before.