Being in the business scene as a life coach isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Staying competitive in the market requires more skill than what you already know. An ongoing trend for life coaches today is creating videos online and as a life coach, you may not have enough time to juggle both your client meetings and content creation. This is where a remote video editor may come in handy.

Makes It Easier for you to Establish Your Brand Identity

Hiring someone who has been creating videos basically all their life gives you the opportunity to present your brand to existing clients in a unique way. It’s basically getting an expert opinion on your marketing strategy. For example, having a cool unique intro. Notice how most influencers or Youtubers have intros before their actual videos? This is called establishing your brand. Having someone to do the editing for you gives you the option to have an awesome intro that creates that familiar feeling for your audience whenever they watch your content.

Having your own remote video editor also allows you to have a customized thumbnail for all your videos. One good example is the playlist from The Daily Positive’s Youtube Channel. Notice how each of the thumbnails is similar. This is also a technique creating a single identity for your brand. This makes your content look organized and digestible.

A great thing about building your online presence on Youtube is that they allow you to customize your own thumbnail so it will be more eye-catching to the audience. You can also ask a remote video editor to create thumbnails for you to maximize this helpful feature.

Gain Access to Expert Skills from an Adept Remote Video Editor

You may be the best one at giving advice to your clients but you are probably not a crackerjack when it comes to stitching raw videos together. You may have the basic skills in video editing but truth be told, hiring a skilled creative professional makes your life 1000x easier! They know all the shortcuts in software which makes the time spent on editing less. 

Another good thing about getting your own freelance video editor is you can work separately and still get the results that you want. Sometimes, even higher quality than in-house video editors because of the rich culture of companies promoting remote working. Also, with social apps accessible to almost anybody, communicating should be a breeze!

Gives You More Time to Focus on Your Business

The coaching industry isn’t exactly new to the public. There are two things that come off from this; One, more people are aware of this sector-meaning, you can cater to a bigger audience easily. Two, life coaches are everywhere. You need to step up and provide more compelling content than your competitors.

As a growing business aiming to reach greater heights, you should spend your precious time creating your identity, how you can let a bigger audience know you through various media. You should spend your Monday night strategizing on how you can create a more intimate and personal connection with your clients instead of editing your own videos and getting sick of your own voice recording! People do not want to work with coaches who are doing the same thing over and over again. You should allow yourself to grow by exploring more options for your life coaching business.

With so little time on your hands, editing videos should not be the one that’s causing you sleepless nights. Don’t let these tasks hinder you from becoming the best life coach you can be. Reach out to companies like HOPLA who have a skilled remote video editor to do the magic for you while you focus on what you do best. Talk to us today and let’s discuss how we can help you grow your life coaching business.