If you’re in the Real Estate business, you know well how daunting of a task it is to generate leads. A month could come and go without you having a single sale nor prospects. As an agent or a business owner, you need to maintain a specific number of clients to keep the business running. Without little or no help, you can’t possibly juggle all those tasks with such a short time. To be more specific, here are just 5 of the key tasks you can’t do without a virtual assistant to help you in lead generation.

Get Access to a Large Pool of Contacts

A virtual assistant who specializes in lead generation know all the tricks in getting the best leads for your business. By delegating tasks to dedicated lead generators, you can have a team spend a whole day talking to people through relevant websites, forums, social media accounts, etc.

Outsourcing support services like lead generation tasks can also give you access to creative strategies to help you increase realtor leads through effective mailers, persuasive telemarketing, networking, and many more.

Make 80 – 100 Calls a Day

Having too many tasks at hand causes other tasks to be left behind. When you have an appointment at 9 in the morning, need to accommodate a large volume of inquiries, and need to be back in the office to settle some papers, you don’t have time to call your potential leads. Your progress in the business could potentially be stunted when you don’t have the resources to help you grow.

Usually, outsourcing companies have a system that would help a business become more efficient. Virtual assistants are tasked to reach a specific quota (of acquired qualified leads, for example) depending on the client’s requirements.

Acquire Qualified Leads Through Data Verification Software

Ensuring the quality of leads can be costly when you’re doing everything in-house. Apart from the in-house lead generators that you have to pay, you also have to invest in data validation software to keep your database fresh and up to date. Outsourcing data management to experienced firms, on the other hand, can get you access to premium licensed applications such as Integrate or Service Objects that help these experts validate the realtor leads they collect.

Maintain An Updated Database

One of the most annoying things a salesperson could do is call more than once about the same offer. You don’t want to be on that side of the fence. Calling people at the wrong time can also put you in their list of blocked numbers. This gives your company a bad reputation. Another mistake is giving an offer to someone who is already a client. Virtual assistants can help you in generating leads by avoiding obsolete information in your database through outsourcing data management to experienced firms.

Set More Appointments While You Focus on Selling

Outsourcing lead generation tasks is also like getting your own virtual secretary. Virtual assistants can accumulate qualified leads while you focus on your big sale. You never have to worry about running out of potential clients when you have a resourceful right-hand man to assist you.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Help in Lead Generation and Boost Your Sales

The truth is, even if you are the most persuasive realtor in town, the one with the most sales still wins the battle. Having someone to do mundane tasks such as acquiring potential leads or attending to your customers’ calls can help you in the long run.  HOPLA can provide experienced virtual assistant solutions to help you boost your revenue in no time. Contact us today and let us discuss your needs.