How a HOPLA virtual assistant talent looks like is energy in action, fueled by passion and sweetened by a very helpful customer-service orientation. HOPLA, if you are new to our site, is the name of our organization — a managed outsourcing company that provides companies with services from qualified outsourced talents like writers, designers, administrative assistants, and virtual assistants, just to name a few. Our company name is actually an acronym for Home-based Organised Professionals Leveraging Agility. If you want to hire any professional online, we’re the right place to go to.

Virtual Assistant talent services like no other

You might have heard from well-meaning colleagues that it’s easy to find and hire one from the net. While there are freelancing sites that do allow you to contact individual talents who specialize in virtual assistance, HOPLA goes the extra mile for you by screening the candidates on our list to see whether they match your actual requirements. We also sit down with you to find out your needs and then ensure that our recommended remote staff fit your company culture and the way you do business. Of course, that goes without saying that they are qualified for the job.

That’s just one way that a HOPLA virtual assistant talent is different from the rest. While our talents are outsourced, our project management process does see to it that they always offer you something more in terms of value. It’s not just a matter of getting the job done. Our talents are very proactive, constantly learning about you and your brand and services, finding ways to improve the way they manage your account, and doing their best to make your customers happy. Our talents have been trained to think of themselves as your partner in success, keeping pace with you as your organization grows.

What sets a HOPLA virtual assistant talent apart:

In it to win

That means that a HOPLA VA always sets the bar higher for himself or herself. Unlike most other freelancers, he does not see your business as a gig, here today, and gone tomorrow. He wants to be with you for the long haul. That’s why he makes sure that his processes and performance are always optimal, not vulnerable to interruption or disruption. In a sense, his self-improvement and passion for learning makes him become a virtual assistant all the time, even though is already one, always evolving, never stagnating.

Free from distraction

Our virtual assistant talent has his own home office or remote working space which is essential to every remote professional’s productivity while working from home. This is something that every HOPLA project manager looks for whenever we look for a talent. Their own private office, whether situated at home or a professional co-working space, guarantees privacy and efficiency for him and for your business. There will be none of the superfluous background conversation or music that can be heard if a freelancer is working in a cafe, for example. That quiet cubicle or desk is devoted to business, and it’s location in an office building or a room that has been segregated from others helps the hired professional focus and concentrate.

Accountable (make that a double)

A HOPLA virtual assistant talent is accountable to a project manager. He may confer and interact with you as the client on a regular basis, but he is answerable to one of our team leaders. Call it double accountability, but HOPLA’s monitoring of his performance is both a check-and-balance, as well as a support system. The project manager and the VA talent work on a production calendar with deadlines that should be met. They both study where managing your account can be made easier and faster. They check if you are happy with the results—and if not, what can be done to improve the performance.

And if the virtual assistant talent needs help in terms of added resource, then the project manager provides it in such a way that it heightens the efficiency, with final results nothing short of ready to dazzle you.

Team Player

A HOPLA virtual assistant talent is a team player, and not a lone wolf. He is always collaborating with other members of his team like the graphic designer, the editor, or even your accountant. He is well aware that his performance impacts everyone else on the team; at the same time, he also knows that their functions and tasks affect his. Their communication is constant and collaborative, always to come up with the best result at the fastest possible time.

That’s how a HOPLA talent looks like. If you want to know more, contact us now.