Most Frequent Questions and Answers

It’s great that you decided to explore distributed outsourcing, and we are sure you’ll fall in love with it pretty fast. You don’t need to have previous experience building remote teams to start working with HOPLA. We’ll advise and guide you during each and every stage.

Hiring remote staff with HOPLA will let you forget about this question! Our team will take care of the sourcing, recruitment, contracting, onboarding, training, tools, technical support, and payroll. All these services are included in our standard hourly fee. You just need share tasks to the team and pay the invoices from HOPLA on time 😉

Don’t worry! We carefully selected every tool based on our own remote work experienced and came up with the set of intuitive and user-friendly instruments, that will greatly simplify managing your remote team. On your first day with HOPLA, we’ll onboard you on our tools and help to properly set up your work environment. Additionally to that, we prepared guidelines & tips on how to use it in the most productive way, so you can get back to this information anytime.

This may take from 2 days to 3 weeks depending on the profile and skill set you are looking for. We constantly supplement our Talent Pool with remote professionals across the globe to minimize the time of search and be able to suggest you candidates quickly.

We use the 2 steps application process to make sure that all members in our Talent Pool are fluent English speakers, have proper internet access to handle a work-from-home job and are professional in the roles they are applying for. After candidates complete the first 2 steps, our Recruitment team conducts a personal interview and qualify the candidate for the Talent Pool. We present you to the TOP-3 candidates that meet your requirements and the final choice is up to you.

We believe that only working with a dedicated employee you can fully engage and share the company culture. That’s why all our clients work with dedicated team members, who work exclusively for them on the agreed schedules.

Ofcourse! Depending on the role and type of the tasks, this can be a fixed schedule connected with a specific time zone (for example, Customer support needs to be available from 9 am to 6 pm to cover the day shift). However, some roles can be more flexible in the schedule and in this case the agreement can be “6 hours per day” or “35 hours per week” without concrete time gaps. The final decision about the schedule is always up to you.

Unlike employees that sit in an office, either with you or a conventional outsourcing partner, and are monitored only physically. At HOPLA we use a tool set that allows us to monitor our staff on a much more granular level. A combination of task management and time tracking allows you not only to see the the hours worked, but also the time spent per task, the apps and urls visited, activity levels and random screenshots. After 5 minutes of inactivity the tracking stops, and so does the billing.

We provide onboarding to our tools for you and your team and advise you how to prepare your Statement of Work to smoothly onboard your team member(s). If needed, we can help in building training materials for the team ensuring that each team member is aligned with the expected outputs and KPIs.

We have measurements in place to prevent such scenarios. Our Support team is always in touch with you and your remote team to get the feedback on different stages of work and adjust the workflow if needed. We are open to feedback and try to avoid the possibility of miscommunication or misunderstanding. If the situation doesn’t improve, or your employee disconnects, we will promptly find you a replacement.

At HOPLA we take the work and data we process on behalf of our customers and staff very seriously. Out teams work on HIPAA compliant cloud networks that make collaborating and sharing easy, instant and secure. For clients that require complete data lock-downs we can setup custom Virtual Desktop Environments to prevent employees to download, duplicate, extract, share or photograph sensitive company data.