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Hiring a remote virtual personal assistant is a cost-effective way of improving business efficiency through around the clock service

Virtual Personal Assistant: Your Business’ Ally

I think we can all agree that the goal of every business can be simplified in one word – SUCCESS. And like every aspiring business owner, you work day in and day out into achieving that yearned for supernova; then again you stumble upon just another fiasco, piles of paper works, buck loads of administrative tasks or other nitty gritty’s of the business which leaves you with very few or even no time at all to focus on the core tasks needed for you to grow the business. This brought to light the concept of virtual personal assistant – exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals who take that weight off of your shoulders and just like a business owner, can wear several hats, from Email and file Management, creating basic reports and presentations, website, blog or social media management, to handling your travel bookings or even someone to bail you out when you forget that yearly anniversary present.

The Perks of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Virtual Personal Assistants can add hours to your day

By delegating routine and time consuming tasks to a virtual personal assistant, you can have some time to put your feet up, spend time with your family, meet new prospective clients or explore new business ventures and opportunities therefore hiring a virtual personal assistant can literally add precious hours to your day.

  • Virtual Personal Assistants are Cost Effective and offer Around the Clock Service

If you are operating in a country like the US, Australia, or Europe you may very well know that salary rates are the number one consideration in making business decisions like hiring a personal assistant. In today’s world where everything is as easy as hitting a click on a button, why limit your hiring options to only those in your neighborhood when there’s an arsenal of highly qualified candidates from all over the world. Imagine hiring an assistant, who doesn’t just cost less and doesn’t require a workspace but could also work during the hours when you can finally get some shut eye. So while you are asleep your business is still up and running.

  • To hire a Virtual Personal Assistant means an increase in work efficiency

The flexible working concept did not just emerge and succeed for no reason. The increase in stress brought by daily strenuous commute, long hours of sitting in an office cubicle or even unnecessary office politics and gossips are roadblocks to optimum employee efficiency. These are the things you need not stress about when you hire a virtual personal assistant. Other than these people being nothing but short of professionals who don’t need constant bickering on their backs to get the job done. They also enjoy the perks of working in a harmonious, stress-free environment of their choice thus making them happy, satisfied and more importantly ever more productive as well as dedicated into driving your business to soaring heights.

What HOPLA can bring to the table

It is now a common knowledge that hiring a virtual personal assistant is essential if not necessary to your growing business. But pretty sure some eyebrows are still raised on this concept and it is more than okay to be a little skeptical because, in terms of entrusting your company’s basic needs and vital information, you can never be too careful. That’s why HOPLA created a consolidated approach ensuring businesses who hire virtual personal assistant services through us are nothing short of placid and satisfied.

If your worry is losing that personal touch and relationship that you have with having a conventional personal assistant, worry no more because, at HOPLA, we assign a dedicated virtual personal assistant devoted to working with you, therefore, building that trust and relationship. It’s like he/she’s just sitting outside of your office door.

Another apprehension to hire a virtual personal assistant is that these people work very closely with you on a day-to-day basis, and if you entrust the hiring of this person to some random staffing system, you might as well let them choose your best friend or your life-long partner. Here at HOPLA, we walk you thru a rigorous process of selecting the perfect candidates that match your requirements, offer you those options and give you the freedom to choose the candidate you feel is perfect for the job. Call us professional “matchmakers” for your ever-changing staffing needs.

We also distinguish ourselves as a remote working platform that creates a great working environment for our remote professionals. HOPLA provides them with a virtual office environment via multiple communication channels. This allows them to get a feel of being part of a virtual team making personal although virtual relationships with their employers and other team members.

We back this up with bulletproof tools which ensure a transparent working environment and constant support to ensure that your hands are always free to work on your core business tasks.