Build Your Remote Team with HOPLA and Get Things Done!

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Remote Tools

We provide you with an army of tools that will ensure you can communicate, collaborate, and have full transparency over your staff member’s day-to-day activities.

Account Management

Have a single point-of-contact for all accounts and staff-related matters and peruse comprehensive reports regularly sent to you to help manage your staff better.

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Resource Management

You no longer have to worry about the tedious task of monitoring attendance, activity, task vs time allocation, payroll, and compliance, leave that all to us!

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Human Resources

Our team’s main goal is to create personalized HR initiatives to manage people IN thereby driving positive tenure and performance.

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Stringent recruitment process with multi-layer screening process that guarantees you meet only the best-fitting candidates with quick turnaround time.

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Remote Best Practices

Our string of remote outsourcing experts will help you in improving your workflow. Learn more about our distributed outsourcing


Co-Working Model

For businesses looking to have team engagement activities, we provide a perfect and highly flexible solution through our Co-Working Model. This allows your team members to enjoy the facilities, redundancies, and personal collaboration opportunities of a co-working space in any city in Metro Manila. Our vast partnerships across various top-tiered co-working facilities also ensure you have the perfect space based on your usage needs, location requirements, and budget.

Office Set-up

For businesses with more stringent compliance requirements, the HOPLA Office Model provides the perfect solution while having a vast pool of office space locations to choose from. Unlike other providers who tie you up in a specific space they have fitted, HOPLA has created strategic partnerships across various space providers in the heart of Metro Manila allowing you to cherry pick the facility that best suits your every need.

  • Co-Managed Model

    In the HOPLA Co-Management Model, you will have full control over your staff member’s day-to-day performance while we take care of the tedious tasks of: Recruitment, Payroll, Human Resources Management, Operational Support & Guidance and overall Account Management of your team.

    This model allows you to remain on top of your team’s quality and performance metrics while we take away the supplemental yet highly important aspect of resource management.

  • Fully Managed Model

    In the HOPLA Fully Managed Model, we take care of your team’s day-to-day performance and quality of output. We will be heavily involved in ensuring your team is set-up for success at the onset of onboarding & training.

    We also ensure your team consistently meets set targets and be your partner in ensuring your service commitments to your customers are managed well.


Scale Your Team Globally

HOPLA aims to provide employment opportunities to people’s homes. Because of this, we are able to connect businesses with talented professionals from anywhere around the globe. Through our tools and expertise, we guide both our clients and staff members towards a collaborative, transparent, and productive remote outsourcing experience.

Be with the Pioneer in Remote Working

While a lot of the other outsourcing providers today are playing catch-up, HOPLA has years of experience under our belt in building remote teams. Our processes, workflows, and experts were trained and developed to fit the work-from-home culture & structure.

Best Resources at the Best Price

Our remote working model eliminates the unnecessary cost of a brick-and-mortar office while allowing us to tap talents from various offshore countries making our model the perfect solution to finding the best talents at the best prices.