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Data Entry

Data Entry Professionals are detail-oriented individuals who see to it that your most valuable asset – DATA is being encoded, stored, processed, and managed effectively and with utmost consideration for confidentiality. 


HOPLA Data Entry Experts range from more straightforward data encoders, processors and CRM experts to ones with more complex capabilities and basically know Excel and Google Sheet complex formulas like the back of their hands. 


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What makes HOPLA Data Entry Professionals successful are their yearning for absolute accuracy and finding ways to drive overall data processing efficiencies. 


Some of the most common competencies of a HOPLA Data Entry Expert are: 

  • Verifying and logging receipt of customer and account data
  • Preparing, arranging, and sorting documents needed for data entry
  • Compiling and entering the information into the company’s database software
  • Verifying the accuracy of the information received
  • Reviewing data for possible errors and deficiencies
  • Resolving any issues that arise from discrepancies found in the data
  • Obtaining and supplementing missing information in incomplete documents
  • Creating contingency plans, such as having data backups
  • Checking software updates and applying new data program procedures
  • Protecting the confidentiality of the acquired customer data


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The role that a Data Entry Professional plays in a company is extremely crucial. As such, you will need a person who can efficiently process data and observe confidentiality. This is where HOPLA comes in. Through our highly proficient system, we can select the best Data Entry candidate for you.

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Data Entry


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