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Legal Support

A Legal Support who works for corporations assists the company’s licensed attorneys. Although they do not practice law, they are highly skilled in preparing drafts for different contracts and statements, closing binders, and assisting with business filings. A Legal Support is in charge of reviewing and proofreading any legal documents that are crucial to the company. Overall, these competent employees excel when it comes to accomplishing various corporate transactions.


Individuals who work as Legal Assistants also have a firm grasp of technology since they utilize it regularly to complete their pending tasks. From entering vital information in spreadsheets to managing acquired data, they can do the tasks assigned to them with ease. They are also known for being detail-oriented, a trait that is essential when conducting research.


HOPLA’s Legal Support Staff are highly competent in several areas and can accomplish the following:

  • Providing clerical and administrative support to the company’s lawyers
  • Preparing legal documents, filings, and registrations
  • Drafting letters, reports, and contracts
  • Planning schedules and appointments
  • Maintaining a filing system
  • Using MS Office programs for processing and managing documents
  • Proofreading documents to ensure that they comply with legal procedures and are free from grammatical errors
  • Working under pressure
  • Conducting detailed and in-depth research
  • Organizing and preparing gathered data, ensuring that they are ready to be reviewed by the lawyer

Having the right person for the job is of utmost importance to your company. Reach out to HOPLA and review our selection of qualified applicants today.

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Legal Support
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$ - $


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