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Payroll Assistant

A Payroll Assistant is in charge of maintaining and processing relevant employee records to help draft paychecks on time. These individuals are responsible for tracking an employee’s working hours and dispensing payroll. These hardworking staff regularly gather data related to deductions, accruals, and work patterns, ensuring that the information found in the payroll software is accurate.


Having a sharp eye for any errors found in the data is a must for Payroll Assistants. They understand that any misinformation can affect an employee’s salary and disrupt smooth business operations. As such, they ensure that they are quick to catch and resolve any issues related to payroll. These individuals are also responsible for answering any questions raised by employees about their wages. They also keep their colleagues informed about any upcoming payroll activities. 


Payroll Assistants from HOPLA excel in fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining payroll records, including timesheets, staffing sheets, payroll journals, and ledgers
  • Ensuring the validity of the collected timesheets
  • Adding the employee’s work time in the payroll software
  • Adjusting discrepancies found in the data and locating the source of the error
  • Preparing payrolls, inclusive of accruals and deductions
  • Monitoring the distribution of wages and salaries
  • Correcting any errors in previous salary and wage distributions
  • Accomplishing all of the pending tasks to ensure that the employees are compensated on time
  • Responding to inquiries about problems with payroll

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Payroll Assistant
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