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Researchers & Analysts

If you are looking for someone who can obtain valuable information that is essential for your company’s growth, then you need to hire a data analyst in your team. These logical and detail-oriented individuals are highly skilled in scouring and interpreting pertinent data from various sources. They can collect information about a business’s target market and competitors. Using the data they have gathered and analyzed, they can help other teams form informed choices and strategies.


HOPLA’s roster of highly competent and meticulous Researchers and Analysts showcase their abilities in the following tasks:

  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research to gather data that is relevant to the company
  • Compiling and analyzing information that will serve as the basis for recommendations to other teams
  • Using appropriate research methodologies and tools to collect pertinent information
  • Utilizing the gathered data to make informed decisions and better strategies
  • Identifying emerging trends, administering surveys, and analyzing competitors to gain insight on which areas the company can work on
  • Understanding the business’s demographic to determine their preferences and needs
  • Evaluating the company’s performance to determine any issues and how to solve them
  • Organizing the data that has been gathered and presenting their findings to relevant departments
  • Creating clear and understandable reports and recommendations for the company’s reference


Having analytical and organized employees in your company is essential for your success. If you would like to look for the next best additions to your organization, get in touch with HOPLA today.

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Researchers & Analysts
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