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3D Artist

3D Artists abound in the media industry where three-dimensional animations, models, and visual effects are widely used. These individuals often work in creative projects like video games, films, and digital ad campaigns. 3D Artists are skilled at using computer software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, to make still and moving images. They are also masters at creating sculptures from wood, clay, and metal.


Being able to communicate effectively is a skill that most 3D Artists possess. They need this ability to gather as many details as they can from the clients or other teams involved, helping them create a tangible product that reflects the ideas shared. As skilled communicators, they can also collaborate with fellow artists who are working on the same project as them, ensuring a better outcome.


At HOPLA, our 3D Artists efficiently perform the following duties:

  • Understanding the objectives of the project and pitching concepts that align with those
  • Making storyboards to help with visualization, particularly with sceneries and visual effects
  • Creating graphics, animations, and visual effects using 3D modeling, mapping, and other techniques
  • Asking for feedback from animators, directors, and clients on how the current creations can be improved
  • Discussing the progression and deadline of the project with the clients, directors, and designers
  • Researching related topics and use the gathered information as reference points
  • Working on a tight deadline and putting in a couple of extra hours when necessary

When you seek assistance from HOPLA, you can focus on other pressing business matters while we narrow down the best applicants for you. Reach out to us today.

Job Overview
3D Artist
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