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An Animator puts together a sequence of images to create an illusion of movement. These artists utilize drawings, puppets, and models for their line of work. Most Animators create content that can be used in films, games, TV programs, and other forms of media. They are skilled in using computer software to put together all the images they have made. Since several frames are needed for a few seconds of animation, their patience, discipline, and attention to detail shine through to make the transitions seamless.


Animators manage to create storyboards and animations based on the script and client’s requests. Aside from their artistry and discipline, they also have excellent communication skills, which is necessary when collaborating with other departments. In line with this, they are open to criticisms and receptive to being given direction, all of which help an Animator create better outputs.


The skills of Animators from HOPLA are best exemplified in the following tasks:

  • Corresponding with production team members and clients to have a good grasp of what the story is about, what designs should be presented in the storyboard, and how the animation should progress
  • Being receptive to constructive criticisms and using those to improve and alter the animations as necessary
  • Using hand-key animation and motion capture data
  • Making characters express a wide range of emotions
  • Submitting outputs on time and ensuring that the final product does not exceed the budget
  • Learning how to use new computer software and applying the latest developments and trends in the animation industry

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