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Cartoonists are capable of conveying humor and interjecting stories in the form of hand-drawn or digitized artwork. Their approach to storytelling simplifies certain concepts and issues to people, making it easier for them to understand. Most of their work can usually be found in published magazines, newspapers, comics, and anywhere else that relies heavily on visual media.


Formal training isn’t a necessity for Cartoonists. A portfolio full of compelling artworks is enough to display the abilities and talents of these artists. Inspirations for their work vary but most usually explore world events and currently relevant topics. A skilled Cartoonist can also tell a story with minimal words. Their ability to capture the essence of the subject through visuals is enough for the audience to understand the meaning behind their artwork.


HOPLA’s talented pool of Cartoonists can accomplish the following with utmost efficiency:

  • Drawing and painting traditionally and digitally
  • Sketching and sending cartoons for approval before the deadline
  • Brainstorming new concepts for animations and comic strips
  • Researching about relevant topics that can be used for new panels
  • Making a series of drawings to be used for animation
  • Working under pressure
  • Using illustration software
  • Collaborating with other artists
  • Modifying cartoons according to the client’s wishes
  • Promoting their finished product on various platforms


Your business can benefit immensely from hiring the right person for the job. At HOPLA, we can make that possible for you. Contact our team today.

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