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Illustrators are tasked with making original pieces for a variety of products. These artists coordinate with clients and the marketing team to help them conceptualize the visuals needed for a specific project. Their artworks, designed to catch the attention of potential customers, are often used for digital and printed materials. These creative and talented artists can fuse traditional and digital mediums to make high-quality illustrations for marketing and promotional purposes.


An Illustrator has a deep understanding of the abstract and can transform a company’s message into something visual and captivating. They are capable of creating illustrations that convey what the brand is about and make it resonate with the audience. These passionate artists are also able to produce high-quality outputs under pressure and work on a tight deadline.


HOPLA’s talented Illustrators are known for their competence when doing the following:

  • Coming up with concepts alongside the marketing team
  • Creating draft illustrations per the client’s requests
  • Indicating the budget and time limitations
  • Making illustrations using various traditional and digital mediums
  • Combining hand-drawn sketches with digitized images
  • Improving and refining existing concepts using appropriate colors and graphic designs
  • Formatting the final products using CAD software
  • Ensuring that final outputs always meet quality standards

Finding the most suitable person for your company can be a simplified task if you have HOPLA helping you out. If you would like to review our roster of competent applicants, contact us today.

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