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Social Media Associate

A Social Media Associate is responsible for helping the Social Media Manager or Community Manager with producing engaging content for the company’s online platforms. They are responsible for promoting and establishing a business’s social media presence. Their goal is to raise brand awareness and make more people online know about the company.


Staying connected with the company’s target audience will not be a problem thanks to HOPLA’s capable social media associates. They help implement strategies created according to research done about the target audience and the company’s competitors. With this gathered data, they can effectively optimize the company’s social media accounts.


At HOPLA, our Social Media Associates exhibit excellence in the following tasks:

  • Producing and publishing dynamic online content that prompts community members and followers to interact and take action
  • Managing the business’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few
  • Helping the social media management with major projects and events
  • Developing social media campaigns
  • Brainstorming innovative and creative ideas for written and graphic social media content
  • Making and distributing e-newsletters to subscribers
  • Scheduling the release of content to ensure that posts are published regularly
  • Assessing and reporting the audience’s reception of new social media strategies as well as the success of ongoing projects

HOPLA’s tried and tested method of screening applicants enables us to narrow down the most qualified people for the job. To find the next best addition to your company, get in touch with our team today.

Job Overview
Social Media Associate
Salary Range:
$ - $


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