Virtual Assistant services and platforms hire their employees to be assigned to multiple clients. You would normally deal with a project manager who oversees several clients. Depending on your requirements, you may end up with resources managing different client jobs, apart from yours. At HOPLA we do things differently.

We believe in getting the job done so we offer full-time dedicated staff whose time and performance are monitored and managed. Our philosophy is building your relationships with your staff directly and become valuable players in your remote team.

Apart from our ongoing pooling and sourcing for new remote talent globally, our recruitment experts will personalize their strategies to look for those candidates that not only match your skill requirements but also match in personality and mindset. We focus on building that company culture where all staff members, business owners and leaders are working with our tools and adopt industry best practices on how to successfully build, manage and work with distributed teams. The ongoing training, adoption of the latest toolset and impeding best practices is what truly sets us apart from any other similar service.

As much as Virtual Assistant platforms pool and maintain an active database of people, you’ll end up with an existing staff workforce who may or may not be a fit for your needs. At HOPLA, we have adopted best recruitment practices that not only provide access to an active pool but also to a customized recruitment process that will enable you to get the right candidates who will work exclusively for you. There will be much more productivity and loyalty in those dedicated team relationships.


A recent study on the millennial workforce showed that apart from flexibility in their working schedule and compensation, the number one benefit they value the most is the opportunity to be trained and upskilled. At HOPLA we create a learning environment that provides access to tools that continuously develop skills and trigger new learning. Together with our buddy system, our community and constant access to our operational staff, your future employees will be supported to grow and excel at what they do.

We not only use strict screening processes to get to those talent that will match your requirement, we also use the latest remote technology immersed with AI, NLP as well as chatbot principles as part of our transforming journey to a better way to hire.

Virtual assistant platforms and HOPLA share a similar pricing strategy. We operate as a company that offers tools and support services. However, with HOPLA you pay for the actual hours worked as we do not treat our engagement like a project but as an extension of your existing team. Pricing control and visibility is key for us as well as management influence on all the task performed. Our pricing model triggers our clients and HOPLA staff community to work closely together, use our tools proactively to track progress and manage quality output. We build successful highly productive remote teams and we’re not limited to single project transaction. Our commitment is to help you scale and provide access to a global pool of a talent.