HOPLA Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is dedicated to you. We have created this page to inform you how we collect, use and safeguard the information you provide to us when you visit and/or use our website [https://hopla.online] (the “Site”).

HOPLA.Online (the Company) is devoted to keeping the personal information of all users (“Users”), this includes job candidates, clients, and visitors browsing the site safely.

If you access our Site and/or use any of its related sites, applications, services, you trust us to collect, store, use and disclose your personal information as mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect?

HOPLA.Online collects two types of information, “Personal Information” and “Non-Personal Information”.

Personal Information

If you are interested in working for us or would like to know more about the services we offer on our website, we need to know a little bit more about you. Depending on your request, the following Personal Information will be collected:

Joining the HOPLA.Online family as a team member: full name, location (country, city), telephone number, email address, date of birth, education level, links to social media accounts.
Joining the HOPLA.Online family as a client: full name, telephone number, e-mail address, company name (if applicable).

This personal information can be seen as a first contact. We are just starting to get to know each other. To forge a relationship and/or recruit you for our team, we would like to learn more about you, the User. We do not rent, sell or trade your personal information to third parties.

Non-Personal Information

Non-Personal Information is, if you agree to the Privacy Policy and accept our cookies, collected automatically. This information does not directly link to your identity.

Examples of non-personal information are anonymous usage data, generic demographic information, referring/exit pages and URLs, platform types, submitted preferences, and preferences based on the use of our website.

If you wonder why our site knows exactly what you are looking for, or remembers your preferred settings, you can blame us. We think that you will appreciate the ease of having our site tailored to your needs, without having to do a single thing!

How do we collect information

The personal information that we collect is provided by the User. Your personal profile is a result of filling out forms, posting our site and sharing information on a voluntary basis. We understand that this information is personal. It will only stay between us, the Company and the User.

Our system and website also collect technical information. Examples of this information are the collection of your IP (Internet Protocol) address, operating system, browser and other software information and cookies.

Cookies are commonly used by websites to improve the experience of the User. These small files that are shared between us and your computer are not edible but have many other great benefits, such as improved navigation and better use of our website.

How do we use the collected information

Personal information, such as your full name, address, email address and telephone number is part of your profile. This information is required to create and configure your account, verify your identity, contact you regarding vacancies, business opportunities and new services and send you a new password.

Technical information, such as the IP address, software configuration, and cookies, are utilized to customize and optimize your experience on our website. Also, based on your preferences and usage of our site, we can inform you of news and services that may be of interest to you.

We also collect information to protect your identity and your account from fraudulent use and other nefarious activities.

Information is stored for as long as it is required for HOPLA.Online to run its operations. If you deactivate your account and no longer wish to use our services, your information remains on file. This information is, after deactivation of the account, only used to uphold the regulatory requirements, to collect any outstanding payments, enforce the terms of our Site and to provide the option to reactivate your account, if you change your mind.

If any information is required for a purpose that is not covered in this privacy policy and/or any agreement between HOPLA.Online and its Users. Personal information is stored on our servers, located in different locations worldwide, and therefore may be stored on a server outside your own country.

How do we protect this information

One of the main concerns of collecting personal information is privacy. Several security measures have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access to your information. Access to your account is only granted through your personal account password. Please keep your password safe by not disclosing it to others and logging out of your session each time.

Other security measures include encryption of transferred data and other technical solutions to keep your information safe. All data is stored in Google Cloud, which adheres to the HIPAA standards.

While we do everything in our power to prevent unauthorized access, there is no 100% guarantee that a firewall or a secure server will not be breached and the information is disclosed, destroyed or altered as a result. If you use our Service, you understand and accept these risks. In case of a security breach, the Company will inform all Users within the first 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach.

Your Rights Regarding The Use Of Your Personal Information

We like to keep in touch with you to inform you of the latest news and services that may be of interest to you. As a User, you reserve the right to contact us at any point to opt out of promotional and marketing material. This can be done swiftly through the unsubscribe link found in each promotional email.

Friendly reminder: You may still receive emails, even after an update. These emails are regarding updates to our Privacy Policy and other administrative emails.

At any point in time, you can contact HOPLA.Online to be informed whether, where, which and for what purpose your personal data is processed by our system. The Company will respond to your request by providing an electronic copy of your personal data, free of charge.

As a User, you can also contact HOPLA.Online with a request to remove all personal data in case we no longer need this information for the original purpose this information was provided or in the situation where processing this information is on a consent base only and you decide to withdraw your consent.

Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

Your personal information is not sold or rented to third parties for marketing purposes unless we have been given explicit consent from you to do so.

Personal information provided by you may be combined with the information that is collected automatically through our systems or obtained from third parties. We do this so we can improve and personalize our services, provide better content and only send you marketing material that we think could benefit you.

Each newsletter or other email communication offers you the option to opt-out from receiving marketing material. Don’t want to wait until the next email? Send an email to [email protected] and we will remove you from the list.

On some occasions, it is necessary to provide personal details to third parties. This is, as detailed below, only for functional, legal or security purposes:

Functional: information is provided to service providers such as payment vendors, mailing systems, technical consultants and CRM systems. This is necessary to allow you to open and utilize your account and our website.
Legal: information is provided to authorities to respond to a court order or subpoena, a judicial process or an inquiry from authorities.
Security: information is provided to payment vendors to protect against unauthorized transactions, claims, and fraud. Payment vendors may also collect information for the purpose of collecting or transferring payments after a purchase or sale on the Site. We do not collect credit information and all payment information provided to payment vendors stays between the vendor and you, the User.


When you visit our Site and use our services, we want you to feel confident in doing so. All information that you provide to us is treated with discretion and care. Our approach to security and privacy is proactive.

Updating Your Information

It is important that your personal information stays up to date. This will ensure a fully operational Site and combat fraud. You may be asked to update your information and can contact us at any time if you wish to update your information at your request. Any outdated or incorrect information will be updated quickly and removed from our system unless it is required to keep records of this information for legal or business purposes.

Please keep in mind that we may have to verify your identity before we can process a request to update your information. For troubleshooting in relation to updating your personal information on our Site, contact our customer support and we will do our best to amend any personal information according to the applicable privacy laws.

To review, change, correct or remove any personal information that you have submitted, send an email to [email protected]. We reserve our right to deny any request to change stored personal information if this change would result in a breach of any legal requirement or the storage of inaccurate personal information.

Changes To The Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy can be subject to updates or modifications on a periodic basis. Before you submit any personal information, read and review this document. You can find the date the Privacy Policy was last updated under the “Last Update” line on top of the document. By continuing to use our Services and Site after any updates and revisions to our Privacy Policy, you agree to the terms outlined in this document.

General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

If you are an EU citizen, the following rights may be applicable to your personal information as part of the GDPR legislation, which is in effect since May 25, 2018.

to receive a copy of your personal information, along with a report on how and why this information is processed;
to correct personal information in case of inconsistencies;
to have your personal information removed in situations where this information is no longer necessary for the purpose it was collected or processed;
to limit the processing of personal information in case:
(a) the personal information is suspected to be inaccurate;

(b) the processing of the information is not lawful but you requested to not remove this information;

(c) the personal information is no longer required for the purpose it was collected for, but the information is required to be stored for the formulation, examination or defense of a legal claim;

to protest the processing of personal information which has a justifiable and lawful nature;
to protest to results and/or rulings that are based entirely on information that is collected through automation or profiling;
to receive an electronic copy of your personal information or to have a copy sent to a third party controller;
to receive a copy or access to the security details under which your personal information is transferred outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).
If you wish to use any of the rights above, contact us through email: [email protected]

For complaints regarding our collection and use of your personal data, you can contact your local data protection authority.

It is possible that we request additional data for the purpose of verifying identity before we can disclose any personal data or acknowledge a request. We reserve our right to decline requests that could infringe on the privacy of other users, are unattainable or otherwise impractical or cause us to breach applicable laws. We may also charge a fee for a request if this is permitted by law. Certain personal information may be, as long as it is lawful, stored for a limited period of time to prevent fraud, keep records or for accounting.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

Our Services and Site is not aimed for children under 13 years of age. We do not encourage children under the age of 13 to submit personal information on our website. If HOPLA.Online becomes aware of stored personal information of a minor under 13 years of age, this information is removed from the system.

Please contact us at [email protected] to inform us if we have collected personal information from a person under 13 years of age.

Corporate Change

Your personal information is subject to transfer in the event of a merger, bankruptcy, acquisition or a sale of some or all of our assets.

Contact us

If you have any questions (or comments) concerning this Privacy Policy, please email us at [email protected], and we will make an effort to reply within a reasonable timeframe and ensure that you feel safe and secure about using our products and services.

We strive to answer any question related to this document within a reasonable timeframe as we want to make sure that you feel safe and fully confident in using our Site and Services.