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what do we do?

Remote Teams

Work-From-Home Remote Managers

Strengthen your team beyond your capabilities with highly skilled professionals that love what they do.​

Specific Scope of Work

Pass on your recurring and time consuming tasks to our associates or services so you can focus on growing your business.​

Build a Remote Team

Round-the-clock teams, that speak multiple languages and without geographical limitations you hire only the best.

What People Say About HOPLA?

How Does HOPLA Work?

Personalized Recruitment

Based on the skill sets you are looking for, we source and select the best candidates that fit your profile requirements. You join the screening process in the final stage to cherry pick your new employee.

Day-to-day Management

Our work environment enables you to communicate directly with your team and track the work progress while we provide you with support for optimum efficiencies.

Working Environment

You don’t need to worry about any documentation, we’ll take care of the HR & hiring process as well as onboarding you and your remote team on our IT working tools to boost your productivity.

Guidance & Coaching

We provide ongoing management support and operate as a true virtual community sharing best practices allowing you to fully focus on growing your business.

HOPLA is a Team of amazing People That fine-tune business

Processes And

Why Clients Like HOPLA?

Bespoke recruitment

Recruitment is based on your job description. If our talent pool doesn't suffice, we will source a perfect match for you. At any point you can participate in the selection process.

pro-active onboarding

We assist you with the Statement of Work, training materials, and we built a work environment incorporating high-end processes and will help you streamline your business.

Hands-On Management

We provide constant support and advise on how to manage your remote team. We strive to surprise our clients with high-quality work and efficiency.

Highly Scalable

You can start with 1/4 remote team member, or a service, and with our global talent pool you scale in any direction your business desires

premium tools & data security

We use battle tested premium tools only that assure that you can always communicate with your team via text, voice or video. At any time you know who is doing what, and how much time was spent per task.

The HOPLA Team

your secret weapon

Robert Lemmens

Robert Lemmens

Managing Director

Has built remote teams for startups for over a decade.

Silver Serate

Silver Serate

Automation Specialist

Believes that scripts are more efficient than people, even without coffee.

Danijela Milakovic

Danijela Milakovic

Wordpress Developer

Enjoys creating fast websites that help our clients to grow their business

Mae Lanie Chan

Mae Lanie Chan

VP Communications

Enjoys offering not just a service, but a smart solution for your business.

Jan Briones

Jan Briones

Business Development USA

Loves to get things done in the most efficient way to grow your business

Zyra Bautista

Zyra Bautista

Copy Writer

Translates your company's tagline into converting content, every time again.

Ksenia Fedotova

Ksenia Fedotova

Recruitment Manager

Hires the best home-based talents and makes sure that they stick around.

Sanja Colakovic

Sanja Colakovic

Marketing Manager

Loves to build successful marketing strategies that fuel growth

Cora Llamas

Cora Llamas

Editorial Manager

Makes sure that we deliver the best content for your business

Mike Cardenas

Mike Cardenas


Mike has walked all facets of outsourcing and loves to work from home.

Dominique Maghuyop

Dominique Maghuyop

Executive HR Assistant

Tell her whom you like to hire, and she’ll source the best match for you!

Louella Lauron

Louella Lauron

Business Development US & Canada

Finds joy in offloading entrepreneurs, so they can focus on their business.