The Best Talent for the Best Prices.
Remote Teams of Home-based Organised
Professionals Leveraging Agility

The Best Talent for the Best Prices. Remote Teams of Home-based Organised Professionals
Leveraging Agility

The Best Talent for the Best Prices. Remote Teams of Home-based Organised Professionals
Leveraging Agility


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What is Distributed Outsourcing?

Distributed outsourcing takes advantage of modern technology to build and manage remote teams of professionals. Unlike hiring locally or remotely, distributed outsourcing is not bound nor limited by geographical limitations or scarcity, and allows to source the best talent for the best price.

HOPLA Online pioneers in the upcoming Distributed Outsourcing trend, and with over a decade of experience in building remote teams for companies of any size, in any vertical, you rest assured not to be overwhelmed by the initial difficulties that come with the sourcing, screening, hiring and managing of your international team.

Distributed outsourcing is a great opportunity for businesses of all sizes to offload their core team from non-core business activities. We specialize in remote hiring and offloading companies from their administrative and repetitive tasks, so they can focus their efforts on building their core competencies.

Personalized Recruitment

Based on your requirements, we source the right regions and select the best candidates, then you cherry pick your new employees.

Prompt Onboarding

We take care of all the paperwork of your new hires, and set them up with battle tested tools to start working efficiently from day one.

Day-to-Day Management

Out technology-stack includes task management & time-tracking tools that offer granular insight and allow you to monitor employee performance on a daily basis.

Superior Cost Benefit

Since we are not bound by an office location, we can build multi-lingual and multi-timezone teams without paying a premium. And instead of paying rent, we invest in finding the best talent, and using the best management tools

Business Resilience & Data Security

All our employees have a dedicated work-space and internet connection, eliminating any single point of failure. If required, our in-house VDI solutions and proprietary tools assure Data Security greater than possible in a physical office.

No Long-term Commitments

Distributed Outsourcing is meant to be Agile. Teams scale quickly and easily with your requirements, and non-performing employees are promptly replaced.

Why work with HOPLA Online?

Whether you think of outsourcing due to local scarcity of talent or reducing cost, there are multiple solutions. The most common ones are traditional outsourcing, hiring remote freelancers and virtual assistant services.

Distributed outsourcing is the optimal combination of all alternatives. It combines all the benefits, solves the shortcomings, and creates an optimal solution.

With long-term engagements and client satisfaction as our priority, we strive to hire only the best 5% of applications to minimize employee turnover.

And if employee wellness is one of your concerns, you would be glad to know that our model allows to paying better salaries compared to local alternatives, while giving our staff back 2-4 hours a day otherwise spent on commuting.

Finally, our HIPAA compliant tools and complementary Virtual Desktop Infrastructure assure optimal performance and data security, making distributed outsourcing a solid solution for any kind of business process.