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Many businesses are not equipped to hire, let alone remotely, which is logical since it is not their core business. Over the last years HOPLA has grown into the first Work-from-Home Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider. With over a decade of experience with remote hiring, and a fast understanding and adoption of new technologies we create productive and successful remote teams for businesses of any size.

What Does HOPLA Do?

Sourcing & Screening

From our database of pre-screened candidates we match your profile so you only speak with and pick from qualified applicants.

Onboarding & Training

We convert your processes into an easy digestable, trackable and scalable Learning Management System that grows with you.

Ongoing Management

We monitor staff performance, handle HR and Management issues and streamline Payroll so you can focus on your core competencies.

HOPLA - adjective

ho·pla / hō-plä

Definition of HOPLA
1 : cherry picked top talent
// their remote team consist of HOPLA employees
2 : a smarter way to hire
// they started using HOPLA to build their remote team
3 : affirmation that something was done right, completed successfully or exceeded expectations
// HOPLA! (spoken loudly)

Abbreviation of HOPLA
// A remote team geared towards operational excellence of scalable business processes..

The Benefits of a Work-From-Home Team

Global Talent

Not having an office means no geographical hiring limitations. This allows to cherry-pick only the best applicants, and for a better price.

Fresh & Happy Staff

Regular BPO employees in main outsourcing hubs spent on average 4-6 hours on their daily commute. You give them their life back, they love you.

Price vs Quality

A big chunk of regular BPO outsourcing quotes are to cover Real Estate & Infrastructure. HOPLA employees are equipped with a home office.

Why Hire HOPLA?

Remote Specialists

We know locale cultures, salaries and how to spot and engage talent. We cut your hiring time in half, get you better employees for a better price.

Productive & Secure

We onboard all HOPLA employees with battle tested remote tools, that are also HIPAA compliant, assuring team productivity and data security.

Ahead of the Curve

We know tech, and we built tech, and spread this organisation wide. This means you have a smarter team, and a reliable partner for growth.