Committed to revolutionizing the way people work, HOPLA is making remote working not just the way of the future but the way people see efficient and productive working TODAY!  

Our personalized approach in making both our team and client’s journey seamless & straightforward, a team of industry leaders passionate about innovation, and our battle tested remote infrastructure are the primary reasons why progressive businesses today, choose to invest in building their teams with HOPLA.  

A Sneak Peak

Get a preview of how the overall HOPLA framework takes a holistic approach to creating a successful distributed working experience for our business partners. From building a strong remote working foundation and having the right sets of tools to remote expert support and team member HR approaches to promoting positive, long-term, and highly effective distributed operations. 

Attract better candidates

With extensive channels and value proposition to attract competitive global talents, HOPLA is your ultimate partner in attracting the best resources for your team. 

Remote Vetted Talents

Get talents that have earned their HOPLA Remote Fitness Badge focused on vetting equipment, connectivity, risk-assessment, remote environment, and mindset along with the skills and experience required for each role.

Distributed Working Foundation

Get the support of a Remote Expert to establish solid foundations for your remote operations embedded in your overall remote implementation and HOPLA integration journey.

Remote Infrastructure

No ramp-up required with HOPLA Connect’s suite of remote infrastructure built to ensure top-notch collaboration & productivity when working with fully distributed teams.

Superior Reporting

Superb monitoring, stringent audit protocols, and a steadfast commitment to regular reporting rigor providing insightful data aimed to promote continuous team performance improvement.

HOPLA Buddies

Have a dedicated Client & Staff Success Buddies as your and your team members’ allies towards the fulfillment of identified success framework for your HOPLA operations.

Positive Distributed Culture

Taking the extra mile in making your team members journey with us not just fun but rather fulfilling through community engagement, rewards & recognition, and coaching & career mapping programs.

Increased Staff Retention

Fostering a culture of appreciation, continuous investment in employee development and a great value on career progression and work-life balance, we continue to harness superb staff retention for our business partners.

Limitless Growth, Limitless Scalability

At HOPLA, we believe in creating limitless connections between progressive businesses and talented professionals by creating a work-from-home solution that harnesses substantive productivity & collaboration. Our tested tools, remote experts, and remote operating model is every business’ key in creating truly scalable operations.

Talent Coupled with Committment

Finding the best-fitting team members is an important foundation to the success of the HOPLA Model. Supporting growth, creating a sense of community, and nurturing individual development of our team members is what creates HOPLA, the company of choice of top-tier work-from-home talents.

The Complete Package

From unlimited capability to support any remote-suited roles, a technology stack that makes remote working easy and completely transparent, and a partner that makes you, your business, and your team members the center of our operations – HOPLA provides you the complete package for successful global operations.



A single point-of-contact backed up by support teams that operates round-the-clock to assist in any matters important to your HOPLA operations.

Remote Tools

We provide you with an army of tools that will ensure you can communicate, collaborate, and have full transparency over your team members’ day-to-day activities.


Proven effective remote success framework that provides regular reports about your team’s achievements and provides recommendations to further drive efficiency & team loyalty.


All HOPLA verified candidates are guaranteed to have been vetted stringently on skills-match, remote mindset fit, suitable work-from-home set-up & environment, communication skills, and 100% commitment.


HOPLA’s philosophy of “Managing People In” is the driving force behind our HR team’s efforts to provide comprehensive & remote-appropriate benefits stack & HR services to our clients & team members.

Staff Engagement

Providing a sense of community and a gateway to creating meaningful connections for professionals who share the same drive to making working-from-home the way of the future.