HOPLA has implemented a success planning framework to help both the client and staff members achieve expectations and harness better relationships.

About the Client

The Client is a US-Digital Marketing company. The nature of their business is to provide marketing The nature of their business is a 360-digitial marketing agency to help brands achieve their business goals. They require multiple teams actress marketing and creative aspect.

Client Requirements

The company wanted to help the company define its parameters in measuring the success of its staff members in order for them to achieve their optimal working state. The goal of the success planning framework was to collaborate to execute drive and success measures to achieve business goals. Scalability as well as staff growth and loyalty to your organization.

The HOPLA Solution

In order to develop the success planning we need to identify the roadmap of both the client and the staff member.

Stabilization & Essential Skil Development:

Client roadmap:

We need to define a success measure which translates as the staff focus areas. Define acceptable criteria. Focus and identify opportunities for the outlier while reinforcing best practices to the rest of the team. For this to work, we will document the operational process to have the ability to replicate staff efficiencies.

Every month, we will be monitoring the delivery output of the staff through weekly check-ins. Once stability has been achieved, standardize processes across the other workflows with the success measures in mind. (we will then repeat this cycle accordingly.)

Staff roadmap:

We also want to define staff career and work goals in line with the success measures. Identify specific potentials to be developed. Monthly review on productivity output and how it aligns with staff career and work goals.  We will support the staff development through discussing opportunities and possible training courses.

We then evaluate the output and progress versus career and work goals. Once the staff member has reached their 3rd month, we will then review the productivity output and how it aligns with staff career and work goals.

To put this into perspective—we need to identify 3 important things: success measure, drivers, and focus areas. These parameters has to be comprehensive and specific in order to achieve an effective outcome. From this, we then define the acceptable criterias to achieve success.

Optimization and Behavioral Skill Development:

Client roadmap:

After we have achieved the stabilization and essential skill development pillar, we then work on the optimization and behavioral skill development.

Client roadmap:
Evaluate impact versus success measures showing the opportunities. Once identified we create Action Plans based on identified RCA (root cause analysis). We will find improvements or resolution to identified challenges to acheive a green light across the board.

Staff roadmap:
Review staff career goals and aspirations. Identify specific beahviors to be developed. Review a hlf year point on productivity output and how it aligns with staff career path/goals. Finally, we validate staff readiness for additional tasks and/or growth in role within the organization.

Market Share Growth & Job-Based Skill Development:

Client Roadmap:
Last pillar is evaluating results showing the possible opportunities. We then create a proposal on identified opportunities. And then validate the opportunity to grow headcount or other process flows within the organization.

Staff Roadmap:
Review staff career goals and aspirations. Validate staff readiness to do On-The-Job Training for either new role and/or additional tasks. 3 months review on productivity output based on OJT performance. Transition of accountability for the staff additional tasks and/or growth in role within the organization.


Through effort that is made by HOPLA’s success planning. We evaluated several success and opportunities for each staff member by identifying their goals and targets for themselves within the company and as well as outside the company. Weekly feedback is secured through both the client and the staff, which aids them to identify any setbacks early on. With this result, we are able to eliminate future staff-client attrition.

Our findings during this study have been really effective as we see progress and significant growth. Through setting proper expectations before the start of the engagement and identifying KPI, we were able to enable proper growth for both the staff member and client which helped us achieve longer staff tenureship.

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