Why Hire Creatives?

Turn to HOPLA to find the best-fitting Creatives that will turn your company’s stories to engaging content for your audience. Support your marketing efforts with captivating visuals that would entice your prospects to learn more about your brand and aid in your client acquisition efforts. 

HOPLA has perfected the formula for matching the brands with various creatives that can create cohesive content that depicts your true company identity. Some of the most common creatives within the HOPLA community are: 

  • Graphic Designers
  • Video Editors 
  • Content Writers 
  • UI/UX Designers 
  • Multimedia Artists

Offered Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, HOPLA’s commitment to our talents is to provide them with full-time career opportunities while working-from-home. Through our full-time dedicated model, we are able to solicit better commitment from our team members to stay on for the long-term and create a culture where team members truly feel an extension of the client’s in-house operations. 

Due to our remote nature, we are able to cast our nets much wider and can support any roles that can be done successfully while working from home. Check out our Services Page to get more insights on the most common roles we have within our team today.

HOPLA’s fully remote nature allows us to source talents from any location globally. In spite of this flexibility, we have predetermined strategic sourcing locations globally that allow us to source cost-effective, highly capable, and remote fitting talents for our clients. The Philippines for example is one of our primary talent sourcing locations given the many benefits of working with talents from this region including effective english communication skills. 

HOPLA’s experts will be guiding you and sharing our expertise and best practices in identifying the best-fitting talents for your team. Before the start of the sourcing process, we will be supporting you in identifying your ideal candidate avatar based on your business support requirements. Once this has been identified, HOPLA will be initiating our proven effective, multi-layered, and personalized vetting approach to provide you with the top candidate options for you to consider to join your team.

Once you have identified the talent you feel best fits your requirements, HOPLA’s service delivery expert will continue to guide and collaborate with you to continue to get the best output from your HOPLA dedicated team members. 

HOPLA’s “managing people in” philosophy is the cornerstone of all the benefits, incentive packages & regular engagement programs we have for our team members. Overall staff satisfaction is constantly achieved through investments in making regular personalized interactions and career mapping progression support; providing our team members with industry-grade and remote-appropriate benefits packages; and conducting regular engagement programs that are created to provide opportunities for holistic development of our team members. 

Being a pioneer in distributed team building, you can be guaranteed that HOPLA has got an array of battle tested solutions: talent vetting approach, people management support, operational workflows, remote tools, and human resource programs that would allow you to build an effective fully distributed team seamlessly.

As a company that has a serious passion for innovation, you will see that HOPLA will not just support the build-out of your remote team but continue to find opportunities to improve your remote operations. 

Got more questions?

Shoot us an email through [email protected] and we'll make sure to provide the information that you need to help you decide on making HOPLA as your staffing partner.