An Information Management Company’s Journey through Scale through a Dedicated Digital Marketing Team

About the Client

The Client is a US-Based Family-Owned Information & Records Management Company. They handle end-to-end document, media, and data storage solutions and have expanded the business to promote digitization in business both in data management as well as in business automation.


The 2nd generation leader of the business has passed the baton to the latest generation of visionaries who sees that business expansion can be done faster and have better ROI through Digital Marketing.

The newly appointed CEO & brother COO is no stranger to the cost of building an entire team of Digital Marketers in the US. Yet also fully aware that this endeavor has to be implemented one way or another especially because about 80% of their prospects are coming in through referrals and personal networks alone. Having little online presence has also been identified as one of the factors impacting closing rates of the sales team.

The HOPLA Solution

This is when HOPLA came into the picture and established a team of dedicated Digital Marketers for the company. Starting out with a Digital Marketing Operations Manager which quickly scaled to a team of 5 Specialists including: Content Writer, Email Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager, and Photo & Video Editor.


  • After 6 months, the company has a fully established marketing lead generation engine supplementing the leads from personal networks & referrals. 
  • Leads database in the first year increased by 65% with marketing-generated leads accounting for 80% of total lead volume. 
  • The company remained focused on their core business and have a dedicated team focused on increasing their lead pipeline, maintaining positive online presence, and even creating materials & videos that help the sales team get better closing rates.