Remote teams have played a significant role in overcoming the initial physical challenges tied to working from home. With the widespread adoption of online collaboration tools, remote teams have found effective ways to brainstorm, conduct meetings, and collaborate on projects, efficiently solving problems due to timezone differences and geographical barriers. 

Integrating online and remote working into our daily lives has become more seamless and efficient. With virtual meeting platforms, instant messaging tools, and project management software, we have facilitated communication and collaboration that enabled teams to work together regardless of physical location.

This transition to remote work has also brought numerous benefits and advantages to both businesses and professionals. It has allowed organizations to tap into a global talent pool, promote diversity and expand opportunities for hiring the best talent. For remote workers, it means increased productivity, improved work-life balance, and reduced commuting time.

The Reality of Remote Work
However, even considering these advantages and the progress made in adjusting to remote work, are businesses approaching a point where remote work is truly the ideal option for everyone in terms of promoting mental health and humanistic values?

Collectively, remote working professionals commonly face the following challenges:

  1. Lack of Effective Mentorship
    Remote workers often struggle to find and establish mentorship relationships. The lack of visibility and transparency in communication makes it challenging to connect with experienced colleagues who can provide guidance and support.
  2. Poor Community Building
    Remote work can create a sense of isolation, hindering community building within the organization. The absence of informal conversations, watercooler chats, and social interactions can make it difficult for remote workers to develop relationships with their colleagues, leading to feelings of disconnection and reduced team cohesion.
  3. Poor Onboarding and Management
    Remote onboarding processes may be less comprehensive than in-person onboarding. The lack of in-person interactions during the onboarding phase can make it challenging for new remote workers to understand the company culture, establish relationships, and fully grasp their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, managers may find it formidable to effectively manage and supervise remote teams, leading to potential communication gaps and decreased productivity.

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all comprehensive solution for maintaining or improving remote teams, there are several strategies and practices businesses can implement to enhance their remote team efficacy.

Combatting Remote Work Hurdles

Establish mentorship programs

Remote mentoring is a powerful tool for skill development and career advancement, and it can be just as effective as in-person mentoring.

To succeed in remote mentorship, set clear expectations, maintain intentional and regular communication, leverage technology tools, provide guidance and support as a resource, and be a cheerleader for your mentee. Following these principles can help mentors significantly impact their mentees’ growth and success in a remote setting.

Foster community and connection

Encourage virtual socialization activities and create communication channels dedicated to non-work interactions. Building relationships and belonging among remote team members enhance collaboration, morale, and team cohesion.

Enhance onboarding processes

Develop comprehensive remote onboarding programs that introduce new hires to the company culture, facilitate connections with team members, and provide clear guidelines on roles and responsibilities. Effective onboarding ensures a smooth transition and sets remote workers up for success.

Strengthen remote management practices

Provide training and resources to managers overseeing remote teams, enabling them to effectively communicate expectations, support remote employees, and provide feedback. Strong remote management fosters productivity, engagement, and a positive work environment.

Need Help with Remote Team Management?

HOPLA offers a comprehensive and tailored solution for businesses seeking efficient remote team management. Acknowledging the difficulties that arise when managing remote teams while running a business, HOPLA takes on the crucial tasks involved.

HOPLA’s “Managing People In” philosophy has demonstrated a significant positive impact on staff tenure and overall satisfaction among team members making meaningful connections that knows no bounds. By leveraging HOPLA’s expertise, businesses can focus on core operations while relying on HOPLA remote experts to effectively manage remote teams.

Your All-In-One Solution

HOPLA offers a comprehensive package that caters to successful global operations by providing unlimited support for remote-suited roles, a technology stack that ensures seamless and transparent remote working, and a commitment to making you, your business, and your team members the focal point of their operations. With HOPLA, businesses can benefit from a complete solution that enables efficient and effective remote work on a global scale.

Our services

Account Management

HOPLA offers a dedicated account management team that serves as a single point of contact, backed by round-the-clock support. They are ready to assist with any matters crucial to your HOPLA operations.

Human Resources

Our HR team embodies the “Managing People In” philosophy, providing comprehensive and remote-appropriate benefits and HR services to both clients and team members. We prioritize the well-being and success of everyone involved.

Operational Backbone

With our proven framework for remote success, we provide regular reports on your team’s achievements and offer recommendations to enhance efficiency and foster team loyalty. We ensure you have the operational backbone necessary for success.


HOPLA guarantees stringent vetting of candidates, focusing on skills match, remote mindset fit, suitable work-from-home setup and environment, strong communication skills, and unwavering commitment. We provide you with the top-quality talent you can rely on.

To sum up, Remote work has its advantages and challenges, including increased productivity and work-life balance. However, remote teams often face obstacles like a lack of mentorship, poor community building, and ineffective onboarding and management processes.

Having a partner such as HOPLA that lives and breathes effective remote operations can be a true ally in ensuring you reap the benefits of the future of working and combat the challenges head on through tested remote working practices. 

HOPLA offers tailored solutions for efficient remote team management. With their expertise and “Managing People In” philosophy, they positively impact staff tenure and overall satisfaction. Their comprehensive package includes account management, human resources, operational backbone, and recruitment services.

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