About the Client

The client is a Canadian shipping, logistics, and fulfillment company. They offer courier services for shipping accessibility across the globe, varying from small packages to large shipments. 


Business Development Managers faced significant challenges in maximizing customer acquisition due to the overwhelming amount of various sales-related administrative tasks.

Upon time and motion review, about 65% of these key resources’ time is spent on tasks such as constant updates to the CRM, preparing quotations and proposals, and managing follow-ups on requests from other departments.

This administrative burden interferes with their ability to focus on core sales activities, ultimately affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process.

The HOPLA Solution

In partnership with HOPLA, the said company has implemented a dedicated sales support team to accomplish their sales-related administrative tasks. This includes:

✔ Deploying our dedicated team members with years of experience and expertise in sales-focused administrative duties

✔ Assistance in the implementation, including planning for delegation and providing training support to Business Development Managers

✔ Consistent collaboration with Business Development Managers to improve overall team productivity

✔ Letting our sales support team members deal with administrative duties using the right technological tools to increase overall administrative efficiency


Given the deployment of our sales-focused administrative team, our HOPLA Solution was able to help our Client’s Business Development Managers focus on sales optimization and sales performance, such as:  

✔ Closing deals with their customers, improving CRM management

✔ Bringing revenue growth to their business, having a 35% increase in overall sales conversions

✔ Ensured that sales tasks were done on time and without mistakes, achieving 100% timeline accuracy in sales pipeline management

✔ Improved overall satisfaction and retention of in-house Business Development Managers

As a result, our sales support team of two (2) was expanded by the client. Currently, HOPLA has a dedicated team of ten (10) team members to provide sales support to our Client’s entire Business Development and Customer Service departments.

With this, we can relieve our Clients of humdrum administrative tasks, ensuring that they focus on sales enablement, proposal automation, and CRM management, empowering our clients to scale in sales-focused strategies!