QA Agents Deployed to Support Quick Ramp-up Requirements

About the Project

Due to the growing restrictions set by the local government for on-site operations during the COVID period, service delivery from on-site teams became erratic leaving the Client operation with massive open (unanswered) ticket volumes and customer response rates were prolonged that dragged customer satisfaction scores down.

To address the current on-site challenges the Client was facing, a quick realisation of work-from-home teams had to be enacted through HOPLA. Project implementation timelines set during this period ranged from 45days to as little as 15days to constantly meet operational requirements.

On the training side, budget restrictions of hiring additional support resources to cover training & QA requirements were not supportive of the immediate and continuous ramp up plans required by the Client

Major Considerations

  1. Budget restriction for hiring additional leadership roles to manage training & QA volume. 
  2. Onboarding & training lead time for new training & QA support resources were unfavorable to the required new team training implementation timeline. 
  3. QA Audits & team coaching are fundamental activities as the team’s tenure is still in its maturity stages. 
  4. Top-notch training by key training leads are crucial to a successful new team deployment. 

The Solution

Transition operational support agents who have predisposed knowledge of company policies, guidelines, workflows and operational processes were deployed to cover agent response audits. This drastically reduced the new resource learning glide path to focus only on QA-specific processes & workflows. Additionally, this solution helped address the budget restrictions of clients in hiring additional managerial resources at higher salary rates while still maintaining a strict audit process of enacted customer support tickets.

Success Contributors

The biggest contributor to the successful implementation of this project was hiring the right pilot Training & QA Leads who helped in establishing a rigorous, process-based and easily enforceable audit-process.

Having set QA qualifiers, scoring system, and set QA guidelines enabled the new QA Agent team to quickly be onboarded as effective QA resources.


This project bred great results for the Client in addressing all major considerations for new team ramp as well as current team audit & QA target achievement. The overall results can be summarized into: 
  1. Training & QA Leads had the necessary time and focus on arming the newly hired support teams with the necessary knowledge to succeed in their respective roles. 
  2. Current operational agents had the same level of opportunity and guidance for continued learning & improvement through consistent QA Audits being conducted. 
  3. Additional costs required to achieve desired results were minimized to about 30-40%.