An IT Solutions Company’s Breakthrough to Better Workforce Allocation

About the Client

The Client is a AU-Based IT Solutions provider that has been in the business for well over 20 years. They are catering to Melbourne-based businesses in the Real Estate, Construction, Accounting, & Hospitality industries


As part of the company’s expansion efforts, they have extended their package to also offer remote IT support services. This was initially done in house with engineers servicing both on-site visits and in-office remote IT Service to their clients.

Due to said expansion, productivity of the in-house support engineers dropped thereby despite being able to support a wider range of clientele, overall revenue margins decreased due to engineer:client daily service ratio.

The HOPLA Solution

The company then turned to HOPLA to build an entirely new team of engineers focused on remote IT support services exclusively. This team became the gateway for all support tickets, handle remote IT support requirements, and assign field engineers to issues that require on-site resolutions. The Remote IT Engineer Team also handled post-service surveys via phone & email thereby creating an overall better experience for the customers.


  • Field Engineers are focused on on-site IT Support requirements alone increasing productivity; 
  • Field Engineers are able to anticipate required resolution based on issue documentation provided by the remote support team; 
  • About 40% to 70% less staffing costs for the company by hiring remote team members through HOPLA. 
  • Create better experience for the client with resolution follow-ups being handled by the remote IT Support Team. 
  • Today, the company also offers exclusive remote IT services outside of the Melbourne area which increased profitability and customer database.