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Creating engaging, informative, and compelling written promotional materials is a skill that has been mastered by Copywriters. These individuals know how to speak in a tone and manner that is appropriate for a particular demographic. They can also adjust their style to match the voice of the company’s brand. Their written work includes labels, blog posts, brochures, and product packaging to name a few. Overall, they ensure consistency in their tone and style when writing marketing materials.


A Copywriter is responsible for providing content that is free from errors. As such, they pay a good amount of attention to details. Most Copywriters also create written materials for many projects at the same time. Even with this heavy workload, they are able to adjust accordingly and produce copies that are unique to each project.


At HOPLA, we have Copywriters who perform the following tasks exceptionally well:

  • Creating copies that are engaging and interesting
  • Ensuring that the marketing and promotional materials they make have a distinct voice
  • Writing content that can be released on different platforms, including social media and print media
  • Doing extensive research and interviews to gather reliable data needed for content creation
  • Modifying and proofreading write-ups whenever necessary
  • Coordinating with other departments to determine what needs to be done for a project
  • Knowing the latest industry trends and the profiles of the company’s competitors 
  • Finishing written materials on time, even with a tight deadline

When it comes to finding the right people for any job position, HOPLA can be found at the forefront of the industry. Choose the newest addition to your company from our roster today!

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