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Graphic Artist

A Graphic Artist is in charge of creating imagery that will be used for media and advertising purposes. Their designs can usually be found in magazines, advertisements, signages, and more. They incorporate important texts and graphics to present and convey the client’s message, doing so in a visually appealing fashion. These creative individuals are talented when it comes to interpreting and communicating concepts through visual means alone.


Graphic Artists are good at paying attention to detail. They can even manage to incorporate nuances into their artwork. These designers are sought after by many industries and are hired to create high-quality content for both print and digital media.


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HOPLA’s Graphic Artists successfully fulfill a variety of responsibilities, which include the following:

  • Creating designs for brochures, magazines, logos, advertisements, web pages, books, signages, and more.

  • Being proficient in using a variety of computer design software, including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, to create high-quality images

  • Corresponding with clients to understand the concepts they have in mind and know their desired output

  • Creating and presenting layout and design drafts to the client for review

  • Modifying artwork based on feedback provided by the client

  • Coordinating with other artists and colleagues as necessary

  • Ensuring that the final product meets quality standards and reflects the client’s requests


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Graphic Artist


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